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B0101hello azonenberg08:00
didjaprobably best to ask here19:47
didjaany idea about this? i'm reading about xray diffraction and it seems like the basic idea is you are using the interference pattern of xray waves to infer the crystal structure of a material19:47
didjais that basically right?19:47
didjaso let's say you have 3 layers: a thick metallic film like the gate of a transistor, a thin semiconductor or insulator like germanium or SiO2 and a mechanical substrate Si19:47
didjawould your xray diffraction pattern say anything about the thin semiconductor / insulator layer or even about the mechanical substrate (Si)?19:47
didjai'm too used to thinking in terms of visible light so i imagine that the xrays go right through the material and get absorbed and don't reflect back, but maybe i'm wrong19:47
didjaazonenberg: any ideas?21:53
azonenbergI dont know, i'm taking a class in the fall that may talk about that though23:55
didjai'm advertising #homecmos in ##chemistry23:58
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