#homecmos IRC log for Thursday, 2012-03-15

B0101hi azonenberg05:54
B0101happy pi day (a bit late though)05:55
azonenbergLol, same to you05:55
B0101just received a ton of updates for my Windows machine05:59
B0101just wondering why they have to backup copies of my system32 directory06:00
B0101every update they install, i have 1 copy of that directory06:01
azonenberglol woow06:01
B0101and i have to run a cleaner to get rid of those useless backups06:01
B0101but well, its just an OS test machine06:02
azonenbergthats what i use VM sfor06:03
B0101I use individual test machines because some systems execute my code differently06:03
azonenbergi see06:04
B0101i tried my OS shutdown code on some machines. they work on some but not the other. and i am still wondering why that happens06:04
azonenberghmm, interesting06:05
azonenbergi mean, i know there are differences between VMs and real hardware06:05
azonenbergbut i rarely encounter them in code i've written06:05
B0101well, my code does use the BIOS though06:09
azonenbergthat would do it06:09
B0101i am just thinking that the different BIOS on different system must affect my code06:09
azonenbergCould be06:10
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