#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-03-14

Helldeskhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17357374  3D-nanoprinting speed record set by Vienna University02:25
Helldesktwo-photon lithography in a liquid resin02:26
azonenbergHelldesk: you're the second person to send me the link02:31
azonenbergSo i'm about to try making up some buffered oxide etch02:31
azonenbergSee if it works better than straight HF for patterning02:31
azonenbergi dont have any ammonium fluoride so i'll have to use ammonia + HF02:31
azonenbergthen add more HF02:31
kristianpaulwhat you'll need for a transitor?02:36
kristianpaulHi btw :-)02:36
kristianpauli mean for fabbing  transistor*02:37
kristianpaulfrom the current state of your homecmos project, sorry i been away from this channel for a while02:38
azonenbergkristianpaul: I need to buy a furnace for doing diffusions and growing oxide02:59
azonenbergThen I need to buy dopant solutions02:59
azonenbergget metal-free developer (TMAH)03:00
azonenbergand i should be good to go03:00
azonenbergwe'll see how it goes, hoping to get somewhere soon03:00
azonenbergworking on tooling right now, getting started building a better spin coater03:00
azonenbergbasically it's just been slow because i havent put any time into it lately03:03
azonenberglots of other stuff going on :(03:03
kristianpaulnp, that happens.. :-|03:13
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