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fennhigh speed micro scale photolithography (video) http://www.tuwien.ac.at/en/news/news_detail/article/7444/02:58
fennsame system could be used for rapidly making custom silicon etch masks in one step02:58
fennmore about the chemistry involved http://fennetic.net/irc/two_photon_polymerization.pdf02:58
fennthey achieved resolution of 120nm at speeds of ~5m/s02:59
fennof course you also need a femtosecond laser03:06
azonenbergDetails, details03:06
B0101hello azonenberg07:25
azonenbergAny progress on the josephson junctions?07:26
B0101nope, but i'm researching on Quantum Dots for now07:26
B0101ok... peracetic acid seems like a good household cleaner though...07:30
azonenberglol never heard of it07:30
B0101its CH3CO3H07:31
azonenbergSo one more O than acetic07:31
azonenberghow different is its behavior?07:31
azonenbergit seems like it'd be an oxidizing acid like nitric07:32
B0101its weaker than acetic acid07:32
B0101and it is an irritant as well07:32
azonenbergwell most acids are :p07:32
azonenbergi mean even citric is07:33
B0101and paracetic acid is made when H2O2 is added to CH3CO2H07:33
azonenbergDoes it form spontaneously?07:34
azonenbergAnd yeah, i could see that07:34
azonenbergyou're basically oxidizing the acetic07:34
Action: B0101 consumes lozenge after lozenge of "fisherman's friend"07:39
B0101hmm... HF is banned now??? darn07:44
azonenbergB0101: where07:45
azonenbergthey sell it in the grocery store here07:45
azonenbergits only 2-3% concentration but thats enough for what i do07:45
B0101they banned it everywhere and all products containing them have been recalled07:46
azonenbergeverywhere meaning singapore?07:46
azonenbergthere's not really any substitute for it07:46
azonenbergwhen doing oxide etching07:46
azonenbergCan you still get it through lab supply channels?07:46
azonenbergi imagine its only banned for consumer use07:47
azonenbergOf course you dont want to be stuck unable to buy anything but 49%07:47
azonenbergi would not want to be anywhere near that without more proper equipment than i have now lol07:48
B0101they will allow HF through supply channels but they will need 2 weeks to verify me being in a company with a license07:48
azonenbergAre you?07:48
B0101i am07:49
azonenbergSo its a hassle but won't make you totally unable to get work done07:49
B0101I am thinking of joining a school as a lab technician though07:50
azonenbergSo you can use their lab off hours?07:50
B0101not really, but I want to join a school as LT as like like teaching chemistry07:52
azonenbergi see07:52
B0101I fondly remember those times where I was doing chemistry in my school lab07:54
B0101well i got into chemistry because of electronics though07:56
azonenbergi see07:56
azonenbergSame with me, except i didnt get in as deep lol07:56
B0101well, back then, i wanted to make a PCB, and i found out i needed a chemical to etch it07:57
B0101so I learned chemistry to try to make a chemical to etch it (I didn't know what was Ferric Chloride that time)07:58
B0101i got very interested and decided to persue chemistry07:59
B0101but I became a programmer because i got interested in programming08:00
azonenbergi see lol08:00
B0101now, i am going to do something related to chemistry as a job08:00
azonenbergi was the opposite, i started out being interested in EE but didnt have enough equipment08:00
azonenbergso i got into software08:00
B0101ah, i see08:01
azonenbergBut then got into embedded systems and before long i was doing hardware again08:01
B0101well, at least you know both hardware and software now08:02
azonenbergLol yeah08:02
azonenbergalso in case you're interested http://cmosfold.blogspot.com/08:02
azonenbergThis is my collaborator out on the west coast that i work with08:02
azonenbergmore on reverse engineering than fab08:03
B0101oh ok08:04
B0101NIVIDIA RIVA 128? wow08:04
azonenbergThat blog is mostly chips he randomly opened up and looked at08:04
azonenbergand is almost all ones that are out of copyright08:04
azonenbergWe do a lot more recent stuff since we're interested in security/crypto08:04
azonenbergbut dont post most of that publicly08:04
azonenbergwe're working on one in particular that we may do a writeup on once we pwn it08:05
B0101oh wow, turns out my old system is using a NIVIDIA RIVA 12808:08
azonenbergWell if you've ever wanted to see one naked, now you can08:09
azonenbergif you click on the pic it should give more details on the sample and a link to a high-res scrollable image08:10
B0101gosh, I see pony videos everyone on youtube!08:36
B0101it seems like the whole youtube is linked to them08:37
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