#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-03-06

--- Tue Mar 6 201200:00
B0101Azonenberg: Hello03:48
azonenberghow goes it?03:48
B0101everything's fine, was busy for a few months though03:49
azonenbergah, i see03:52
B0101I was trying to build a STM though03:52
azonenberghow'd it go03:53
B0101quite ok, just that I am finding parts for the electron gun03:54
azonenbergi see03:54
didjabuilding an STM?06:17
didjawhy? for fun?06:18
didjaoh he left06:18
azonenbergdidja: isnt that why we're all here? Lol06:35
azonenbergand i think B0101 is a female but i'm not sure06:35
Action: Sync scratches head08:51
Action: azonenberg continues staring at half-finished lab report08:55
SyncI wonder what connector this is08:56
Syncjust a second...08:58
Syncgah caught a cold on my motorcycle08:58
Syncazonenberg: http://sync-hv.de/~tmp/connector.jpg09:04
azonenbergwhats it moutned on?09:05
Syncmy neutron counter09:06
azonenbergwhat are you using that for?09:06
Syncit was cheap09:07
Syncsomehow those soliders managed to put a huge dent in it09:09
--- Wed Mar 7 201200:00

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