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Flea86azonenberg: I would have the vm the other way around personally lol but that's just me :)00:00
azonenbergi consider linux a better and more stable host platform00:00
azonenbergthen if i have to use winblows its in a vm00:00
Flea86I personnally cannot understand your aversion to winblows but I respect it00:01
Syncyeah but getting catia with proper FEM stuff running natively sucks azonenberg00:01
azonenbergSync: oh, i agree00:02
azonenbergi've had experience with getting NX to run natively00:02
azonenberghuge pain00:02
azonenbergand its $$$$$ if you arent a student00:02
Syncyeah, this is why I run a w7 for that stuff00:04
Flea86Sync: and w7 isn't half-bad right?00:04
Syncit is okay, you can work with it00:05
azonenbergFlea86: i live in the command line so much and windows sucks at that00:05
azonenbergit emphasizes GUIs too much00:05
superkuhI am currently learning to use freecad. I am not suggesting it, just wondering if anyone has an opinion.00:06
Flea86azonenberg: Probably, but then I admit that i've only ever needed the command line while in safe mode :P I tend not to want to hack my os too much and focus more on my app tasks at hand.. :)00:07
azonenbergFlea86: i do most of my software dev in the command line though00:07
azonenbergused IDEs for ten years00:08
azonenbergfinally coudlnt take it anymore00:08
Flea86I've never had a problem with IDE's.. (for me) I found it's simply a matter of finding the right one(s) for the job00:09
Flea86But then IDE's are also a matter of taste as well as functionality00:09
Syncpowershell azonenberg00:09
Syncit works00:09
azonenbergWorks, yes00:10
azonenbergbut i dont like it00:10
XgF...and it only suppports (shock) one platform00:10
Flea86XgF: ARM?00:10
XgFI must be odd for having, in front of me, 1 each of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X00:10
XgFFlea86: Windows :p00:11
XgFBourne Shell runs everywhere. Including Windows00:11
Action: azonenberg is sitting in front of five monitors, connected to a total of three computers00:11
azonenbergall running 64 bit linux00:11
Flea86wanted to write PIC instead of ARM but I'm not *that* much of a masochist :P00:11
azonenbergone of the screens has a fullscreen win7 VM00:11
XgFHeh. The Linux box is headless00:11
XgF(and serves a server role, but non-the-less lives under my desk)00:12
XgFI finally gave up on Linux on my desktop when I got pissed off with how much of it came broken...00:12
XgF(Seriously, every Bluetooth dongle in the world uses the same interface, and yet I still can't browse my devices file systems outside a terminal?!)00:13
Action: azonenberg prefers to browse in a termianl00:14
azonenbergexcept for image files where thumbnailing is nice00:14
azonenbergbut thats just me00:14
XgFNot when the interface is something along the lines of "obex --device a_mac_address --share 0 ls /Images"00:14
XgFIt was around about the time that I gave up with the bullshit like that I invested in the Mac00:15
XgF(I suppose taking the exact oposite direction: A system which just works, at last!)00:15
XgFI kind of need the desktop for work now (Our lighting desks' offline programming tool & fixture personality editor only runs on Windows)00:18
barrettfriedmanDoes anyone have any experiences working with big university nanofabrication facilities?00:24
barrettfriedmanStanford has one (SNF). It's expensive, but I'm trying to learn all I can so I can maybe use it for something cool down the line.00:24
azonenbergI've used the MNCR at RPI00:24
azonenbergbut not for too much00:24
barrettfriedmanOh hello azonenberg. I have been off for a while. My shell host got hacked a while ago...00:25
azonenbergi observed two people i knew running fab stuff, one because i helped on the project and wanted to see how it turned out and one was a friend asking me to help debug process issues00:25
azonenbergthe only tools i've actually used myself were the electron microscope and wire bonder00:25
azonenbergfor failure analysis and wafer test00:25
azonenbergcorrection, one of the electron microscopes lol00:30
barrettfriedmanOh you've done wire bonding? What would you say were some of the difficulties?00:35
azonenbergDone? Thats exaggerating it a bit00:36
azonenbergI've attempted to wedge bond00:36
azonenbergYield was zero percent00:36
azonenbergnone of the bonds held00:36
Flea86azonenberg: Have you considered making any organic (polymer) semiconductors? :)00:37
azonenbergNot yet00:37
azonenbergLook good as a spin coater chuck so far?00:40
azonenbergCurrent design calls for all parts being stainless steel, alloy not chosen yet00:41
azonenbergshaft is 1/2 inch and chuck is 4 inch diameter00:41
azonenbergnext step will be to identify a suitable bearing00:41
barrettfriedmanThat looks very nice.01:08
azonenbergStainless steel isnt cheap but i think the extra few dollars will be worth it01:13
azonenbergi'm going to build it nice and sturdy01:13
azonenbergthe shell will be thinner material, probably aluminum01:14
azonenbergall metal construction since there are gonna be a lot of solvents around it01:14
azonenbergand ok, this thing wont be lightweight lol01:15
barrettfriedmanHow much more expensive is Teflon?01:16
azonenbergThe current design calls for the chuck alone weighing two pounds01:16
barrettfriedmanAt the very least as a Teflon coating.01:16
azonenbergTeflon doesnt have the mechanical strength i need01:16
azonenbergalso, i want something i can stick tape to to hold the specimen down01:16
azonenbergand we all know how hard it is to stick things to teflon :p01:16
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