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--- Tue Feb 7 201200:00
someguyif you write a follow up paper that describes why some experimental result happens with additional new data using new characterization methods, what would you call it? for example, review papers give a broad view of the state of the art of one field22:56
soul-d<first paper's  name> The sequel22:58
humble_hoserare you following up on your own paper, or someone else's?22:59
someguysomeone else's23:02
someguyhumble_hoser: it's not my paper23:08
someguyi mean the original was not my paper23:08
SyncA follow up on: foobar23:09
someguyis that common?23:10
Syncthere are some papers like that23:12
someguyok cool23:12
--- Wed Feb 8 201200:00

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