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--- Sun Feb 5 201200:00
fluorofactorif grow a silicon dioxide on a silicon what happen grow of a semiconductor on a silicon dioxide?05:21
fluorofactorsilicon dioxide is a morphous?05:22
fluorofactoris too a semiconductor on a silicon dioxide a morphous?05:22
azonenbergfluorofactor: grow a semiconductor on sio205:23
azonenbergwhich semiconductor05:23
azonenbergand grown how05:23
azonenbergon what kind of oxide05:23
azonenbergPECVD oxide for example is usually pretty amorphous05:23
azonenbergbut you can get monocrystalline silica aka quartz05:23
azonenbergand how are you depositing the semiconductor on the oxide05:23
azonenbergi mean, you might be able to do epitaxial Si on top of single-crystal SiO2 and get a monocrystalline film05:24
azonenbergwith any other deposition technique you would likely end up with poly-si05:24
fluorofactoris a epitaxy on amorphous silicon dioxide give a nice a crystal?05:27
azonenbergEpitaxy on a non-crystalline surface isnt possible05:27
azonenbergby definition you're creating a new film but based on an existing crystal05:27
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