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kristianpaulazonenberg: awesome !!03:29
azonenbergkristianpaul: awesome about what?03:29
azonenberghttp://siliconexposed.blogspot.com/2012/01/first-bga-board.html ?03:29
kristianpaulyup :)03:30
azonenbergthx :)03:30
azonenbergNext step, once the board comes back from the fab (ordered last week) is testing an FTG256 part03:30
azonenbergif thats successful i can move forward with my laptop design03:31
azonenbergFab is currently on hold until i have a bit more $$, there are two main focuses03:31
azonenbergthe first is improving lithography by getting a commercially made mask03:31
azonenbergthe second is buying a furnace for thermal oxidation and dopant diffusion03:31
kristianpaulbtw will be nice have mor info about how to get center the chip03:32
azonenbergI basically stuck it down and jiggled under the microscope03:32
azonenbergFiguring out how to improve yields is something i am thinking about03:32
kristianpauli friend of mine tried you owen aprouch with an avr32 chip and give up after the 5 atempt03:32
kristianpaulbut 3 is not bad i think :)03:32
azonenbergOne possibility is to draw an X in the silkscreen and line up the corners03:33
kristianpaulah yes03:33
azonenberganother is to have crosshairs of some sort03:33
azonenbergAnd what was the pitch on the avr32?03:33
kristianpauldont remenber now, similiar to spartan-6 i remenber03:33
azonenbergthats a huge difference03:33
azonenbergs6 comes in packages ranging form 0.5 to 1mm03:34
kristianpauli know ;)03:34
azonenberg0.5, 0.8, 1.0 i think03:34
azonenbergPIC32s are mostly TQFP and QFN03:34
azonenbergthe one BGA package is 0.803:34
azonenbergwhich is too fine for my fab's design rules in a full-array package (i cant fit vias between the balls)03:34
azonenbergBut 1mm i can03:34
azonenbergIn any case, i will be actively pursuing such things for a while because i have several designs in the pipe that need BGAs03:34
azonenbergand i'll be trying to write more on the blog03:34
azonenbergit was originally just reverse engineering but is now basically anything that pushes the limits of hobbyist electronics03:35
kristianpaulpushes, yeah !03:35
azonenbergyou know me that well, lol... i love breaking down barriers and pushing boundaries03:36
azonenbergespecially if people say something cant be done03:36
kristianpauli just pinged a guy said i cant be done03:37
kristianpaulthey guy made this http://wikisend.com/download/153454/USB-WideBand-RX%20-%20PCB.pdf03:41
kristianpaulfrom osmo-sdr03:41
kristianpaulther is a way to electrically test align before rework?03:44
kristianpaularray will be nice to see ;)03:45
Helldeskhttp://ee380.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/videologger.php?target=111109-ee380-300.asx  Stanford memristor lecture, manufacturing methods around the hour mark04:37
Helldeskdownloadable copy: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=41TSSZUM04:37
Helldeskpretty cool stuff, memristor effect starts to dominate more as the structure shrinks to the nano scale, and the effect has been seen for a long time, it just wasn't understood that it was memristance04:41
Helldeskand you can potentially replace an equivalent circuit of a dozen transistors with just one memristor04:42
Helldeskand they haven't reached its switching speed limit yet04:43
Helldeskoh wow, they are immune to ionizing radiation05:37
Helldesknon-volatile data storage and immensely fast computation05:44
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