#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-01-03

sb0anything fun to do with the laser diode from a consumer-grade laser hair removal device?20:34
sb0(from last trashing expedition)20:34
sb0what power and wavelength is that?20:34
sb0looks like this one: http://www.finehealth.ru/_FILES_/0.874452001320176121.pdf20:36
sb0so... near infrared (808nm) and 'class 3b'20:43
soul-dclean it since people have to much air in wrong places20:47
soul-dhair *20:47
sb0it's new... still packed... from the garbage of a consumer electronics shop20:50
sb0well, now it's in parts, of course, as I couldn't care less for such a petty application. alas, there's no marking on the laser diode.20:51
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