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BrentBXRwant to see my latest project03:38
BrentBXRi have a small03:38
BrentBXRk one sec03:38
azonenbergAnd anyway, right now i've done all of the dumb obvious parts of the design03:38
azonenbergNow i have to do the parts that actually involve thinking about what i want the thing to do lol03:38
BrentBXRwhatever you decide im sure will be fine03:39
BrentBXRhave you heard of the OBLS03:39
azonenbergA little small ot see much03:39
azonenbergwhat does it do03:39
BrentBXRlol i know03:40
azonenberglooks like a single big QFP and a bunch of support stuff03:40
BrentBXR13 opams; 216MIPS03:40
azonenberginteresting, DSP of some sort?03:40
BrentBXRlol yep03:40
BrentBXRits part of a plguin03:40
azonenbergvery nice03:40
BrentBXRfor the bus pirate03:40
BrentBXRhave you heard of it03:40
azonenbergI've heard of the bus pirate, yes03:41
BrentBXRbasicly an analog multi-tool03:47
BrentBXRits the firmware that will make it03:47
azonenbergSo, in terms of extra stuff to put on the board03:48
azonenbergi added four looped LVDS pairs03:48
azonenbergone will be routed "properly" and the rest with various distortions to observe how that affects signal integrity03:48
azonenbergand one 10-pin 0.5mm ribbon cable header which will have 3.3V power and four differential pairs for talking to external devices03:48
azonenbergcan also be used as GPIO03:48
BrentBXRoh man; sounds awesome03:49
BrentBXRok ill brb for real this time03:49
azonenbergSchematic done, i think, passes a quick DRC03:51
azonenbergtime to do layout03:51
azonenbergmight have to draw up footprints for some of the parts though lol03:52
BrentBXRwhich parts03:55
BrentBXRwell shoot you use aicap03:55
azonenbergthe ribbon cable header, i think, is the only one i havent used before03:55
BrentBXRhow big do you think the PCB will be?03:55
BrentBXRi would be fine with just a header if need be03:56
azonenbergLet me do all of the footprints first and we'll see03:56
BrentBXRi mena headers03:56
azonenbergoh, and the reset button03:57
azonenbergthats a part i havent used since i left expresspcb03:57
azonenbergbut its four pads and will be quick lol03:57
azonenbergLet me see, are my 1uf caps 0805 or 0603?04:01
Action: azonenberg walks over to lab to check04:01
azonenberg0805 it looks04:02
azonenbergwell i was trying to upload a screenshot but imgur is borked *uploads elsewhere*04:17
azonenbergThis is minus the two switches04:19
azonenbergand the ribbon04:21
azonenbergAnd all of the traces04:21
azonenbergjust to give a rough idea of how many parts there are04:21
azonenbergit will get a lot more compact when i move most of the caps to the back side04:22
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