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B0101Azonenberg: Hi, don't know if you have gotten my previous messages, but I said that I will be using GaAs wafers for DQD's and SQD's02:40
azonenbergI saw them, just been busy and havent responded much02:41
azonenbergI'm working on improving litho resolution02:41
B0101ok, sorry if I had disturbed you02:41
B0101I am working on lithography too, well, I used chrome on glass and UV 365nm light and used a 9X reduction lens02:46
azonenbergvery nice, how well did it work?02:56
azonenbergI'm actually about to order a film mask from laserlab.com02:56
azonenberggoing to try 12.5um mask shrunk 10x to get 1.25um design rules02:56
B0101not quite done yet, still have some defects and blurring, but will experiment further02:59
B0101and the photoresist I am using is a spray-on resist03:01
soul-dpcb stuff called SR80 or close to it?03:02
soul-di trew my spray can out  might be something difrent though spray on plastic :P03:03
B0101soul-d: my resist, according to label is called KCS80003:05
B0101well, found it at a PCB kit store03:06
B0101for some reason, the labels are pretty vague (in the sense of tech data), only writes KCS800 and writes: "wear gloves while using" and "poison"03:08
B0101well, one of my friends had tried caustic soda as a developer, didn't work well (result was *very* bad)03:14
B0101well, it was an act of stupidity though, the shopkeeper warned us not to use caustic soda03:17
soul-dk for my premade pcb it works good  enough i guess03:19
soul-dstill need to call distributor here if they carry the pcb resist chemical also vague number name :)03:19
azonenbergB0101: Dilute it03:21
azonenbergI use 1% NaOH03:21
B0101well for my resist, even a bit NaOH would strip off the whole resist (even the unexposed parts), so I decided to use commercial developer.03:23
B0101and going on, I was surprised to find spray-on chrome in a shop for dresses and gowns, so I decided to use it for photomask making, It works fine for contact lithography but It does not work well on reduction optics lithography03:25
soul-dnow we are wondering ofcourse what where you doing in a shop for dresses and gowns :)03:26
azonenbergDid you have adhesion problems?03:28
azonenbergI usually soft-bake my resist on a hot plate at 100C for 30 sec or so03:28
azonenbergafter spin coating before developing03:28
azonenbergi also will clean the wafer in acetone and IPA immediately before coating03:28
B0101azonenberg: nope no adhesion problems03:29
azonenbergHmm, interesting03:29
azonenbergmust be a different resist chemistry03:29
B0101soul-d: was buying a few dresses, so no questions about that, but spray on chrome there? i didn't expect it03:31
B0101each can costs like 1.50 USD (converted currency) per can03:32
soul-ddonno if chrome is safe   but would dislike metals in my clothes03:33
B0101heh, nobody does :)03:34
soul-dcool stuff :)03:36
azonenbergsoul-d: Metallic chrome is relatively safe03:37
azonenbergTrivalent salts are mildly toxic but chromium chloride is actually a trace nutrient (just don't eat more than X milligrams a day)03:38
azonenbergHexavalent salts are very nasty03:38
soul-dyeah still need to study stuff like that   ,cause they keep adding stuff i don't know to my food    those are mono type's   added with  the line " more taste"03:41
Action: B0101 goes out for lunch03:46
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