#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2011-12-23

smedingoh, bed time. later00:01
soul-dhmm just found out the candy i liked as  kid is made with "e153 Carbon Black, Vegetable Carbon "01:42
soul-dfuck the candy store has online shop :(01:42
soul-dshouldt have found that01:43
soul-dprobably save for dentist to :)01:43
soul-deven found bug candy02:14
soul-dimport from usa02:14
soul-dofcourse crazy people overthere02:14
soul-dcrickits   bacon & cheese :')02:16
soul-dworms :P   better not order there  probably  wants to get rids of bad batch maybe :P02:16
--- Sat Dec 24 201100:00

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