#homecmos IRC log for Monday, 2011-12-05

berndjit'll be the Great Leap Forward01:29
berndjeveryone will have a (silicon) foundry in their back yard01:29
azonenbergberndj: lol01:33
berndjhow is your welding-fu coming along?01:33
azonenbergBeen working on so many projects its not even funny01:33
berndji'm still mostly gluing things together with slag :(01:33
azonenbergThe current one - finish grading homework before grades are due01:34
azonenbergWhile also doing the HW i have due tomorrow01:34
azonenbergI do want to get back to welding at some point01:34
berndjis nov/dec also the end of the academic year over there?01:34
azonenbergi started fooling with MiG a while ago01:34
azonenbergAnd yes, we're about to start the last week of classes01:34
azonenbergthen exams01:34
Helldeskhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxSs1kGZQqc  cool process03:13
smedingforgot to join here!23:36
smedingthanks for reminding me23:36
azonenbergYeah, its been quiet the last few weeks because i have exams and stuff this week23:36
azonenbergAnd i've been saving up to buy some more supplies23:36
azonenbergGoing to try buying a professionally made 2" wafer contact mask (well actually a sheet of several masks i'll cut apart)23:36
azonenbergand do contact litho of an entire wafer at 12.5 micron design rules23:37
smedingstill MEMS kind of stuff? how's that going23:37
smedingmade anything wiggle yet?23:37
azonenbergI have a design that should workj23:38
azonenbergJust havent had time to fab it23:38
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