#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2011-12-04

azonenbergbart416: lol00:07
azonenbergHow big a cube?00:07
bart416Good question00:07
azonenbergAnd what kind of  multi-fpga system00:07
bart416"Come up with ideas" was in the email00:07
bart416Signal processing00:07
bart416No details as of yet00:08
bart416This only means one thing00:08
bart416The professor himself was too lazy to help his assistants00:08
bart416So the assistants decided to crowd source the problem00:09
bart416They didn't just go for the molcule08:38
bart416the damned guys told "fuck this" and entangled an entire diamond??? o_O08:39
bart416They're not fucking about lol08:39
bart416read the article11:57
bart416They managed to entangle two visible structures11:57
lekernel_yes, I'm reading it :)12:02
berndjwell a diamond kinda is a big molecule. not that that's particularly relevant14:47
bart416well, in this case it's pretty much only possile due to the remarkable properties of graphite molecules15:14
horizontallyazonenberg: if Jan- wasn't taken, would you go out with her?21:35
azonenbergLol :p21:35
azonenbergYou mean if you ignore the fact that she lives halfway across the planet and isnt interested in half the things I am?21:36
horizontally1st part isn't really a problem. you could get a job in the uk and get to experience life there for a while21:36
horizontally2nd part i don't know if it's true21:36
azonenbergAll a moot point as she is taken, though :p21:37
horizontallyah ha, so you are human21:37
azonenbergBiologically? Yes, I am most definitely an H. Sapiens21:38
bart416You sure azonenberg?22:21
bart416I thought your brain had been replaced by DIY FPGA designs22:21
azonenbergbart416: As in, once you get a DNA sample to sequence22:21
azonenbergYou arent going to be getting any DNA out of an FPGA22:21
azonenbergeven if it *does* fill half my skull cavity22:21
azonenbergActually, i take it back22:22
azonenbergxilinx has a 64 bit ID in some of their FPGAs they call "device DNA"22:22
bart416I found your weakness!22:22
Action: bart416 sequences azonenberg's DNA22:22
azonenbergBut trying to sequence that by gel elecctrophoresis is not likely to produce a useful result22:22
bart416It should lead to funny results though!22:23
Action: azonenberg uses resulting DNA sequence to construct several clones and deploys them to strategic locations around the globe 22:23
azonenbergwhere they can grow up and influence public policy in ways that will benefit me22:24
bart416Meh, what's the worst that could happen22:24
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