#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-11-29

B0101azonenberg: you there?07:00
azonenbergBeen AFK for a while, end of semester craziness07:01
azonenbergBut i'm drawing up designs for a contact mask aligner i want to build over the winter07:01
B0101ok, sorry for being off for long time though. Restarting experiments soon07:04
azonenbergNo worries07:06
azonenbergMe too lol07:06
azonenbergAnybody seen swkhan lately btw?07:06
horizontallyhey azonenberg how do you deal with the photoresist in terms of safety? gloves? respirator? how suspectible is it really to ambient light cross-linking the polymer when you don't want it to?07:10
azonenberghorizontally: First off, it's positive resist07:10
azonenbergIt starts out crosslinked and UV weakens it07:11
azonenbergYou're thinking of negative07:11
horizontallyyeah i have negative07:11
azonenbergwhich also exists, but is not the type I use07:11
horizontallywhy does positive give you finer resolution?07:11
horizontallyi read a lot about polymers07:11
azonenbergIts what i could get hold of easier, actually :p07:11
azonenbergIn terms of safety, i wear goggles, gloves, and a lab coat as per SOP whenever working with anything more toxic than water07:11
azonenbergthe fumes are nasty but if i am only doing one die i just leave a window open and try not to lean over it when coating07:11
azonenbergIn the longer term i am building a local exhaust system07:12
horizontallyazonenberg: er, well it's been documented that the trend for the semiconductor industry was to go from negative to positive07:12
horizontallyoh right07:12
azonenbergWhich is one of the several things keeping me away from actual experimental fab at the moment lol07:12
horizontallyman i could stand to learn a lot from you07:12
horizontallyand you could stand to waste a lot of time on me07:12
azonenbergLol, waste time? I'm using it well07:12
azonenbergDoing things like IRCing when i should be working on the NSF proposal my advisor needs me to get done last week07:13
azonenbergOr the homework i have due in ten hours07:13
horizontallyoh shit07:13
horizontallyoh damn07:13
horizontallyall right i'll stfu07:13
azonenbergLol, keep talking and i'll answer eventually07:17
azonenbergJust wanted to let you know i'm a bit busy atm :p07:17
B0101azonenberg: I gtg. ttyl.07:18
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