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bart416Fucking Web 2.0 retards07:48
bart416Making everything javascript was suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a good idea07:48
bart416now if a website doesn't respond you have no fucking clue of knowing what has happened07:48
Thetawavesyou can still look at the headers of the ajax07:49
Thetawavesit's all the same technology07:49
bart416Thetawaves, that requires you to open a network monitor though07:49
Thetawavesawwww poor baby07:49
bart416Something I refuse to do while browsing07:49
bart416their javascript doesn't make the general web browsing experience better, so when will they realise how stupid it is and trash it?07:50
Thetawavesi dunno man07:50
Thetawavesextjs grid is something you just can not replicate without javascript07:51
bart416usage of javascript != web 2.007:51
bart416Hence the "their"07:51
bart416Also, I'm specifically complaining about people who use the javascript to load the content07:52
bart416"to make more fluid page loads"07:52
bart416And in the process disable the back and forward buttons07:52
bart416cause they're too retarded to fix the functionality07:52
Thetawavesthey are stupid and doing it wrong, you can navigate with web 2.0 using back/forward07:52
Thetawavesspecifically using #anchors07:52
bart416Yes, but it'd still be better if they'd trash the javascript for that, and learned a thing or two about stylesheets07:53
bart416You can perfectly send the same type of content, encased in 2-3 xml tags07:53
bart416And have a stylesheet do the rest07:53
bart416Obviously this is hard for their tiny brains07:54
azonenbergbart416: And you can also eliminate scripting entirely20:48
azonenbergand use *lightweight* html, not a megabyte of layout20:48
azonenbergand have it all server side20:48
azonenbergThe way the web was supposed to be20:48
azonenbergi dont want to use the web for applications, or playing games, or an "experience"20:49
azonenbergit's a bunch of documents, and I want the *text*20:49
azonenbergits what i came there for, and anythign else is just getting in the way20:49
bart416well, the applications and games aren't that bad :P20:49
bart416they help me survive boring classes :P20:49
azonenbergSure they're bad20:49
azonenbergwhen they leak memory as badly as facebook does?20:50
azonenbergif i have a FB tab open that i forget to close, by the end of the day my js memory usage is in the hundreds of MB20:50
azonenbergif two or three tabs i'm pushing a gig20:50
horizontallyi don't even have a full gig to use20:53
horizontallywhat version of firefox do you use?20:53
azonenbergLatest stable20:54
Action: azonenberg has 4 gigs on this, his old laptop20:54
azonenbergall of the new boxes are 8 or 1620:54
azonenbergexcept the i7 triple channels which are 6 and 1220:55
horizontallyyou are rich20:55
azonenbergI work for rich folks :p20:55
horizontallyso you use facebook at work20:56
azonenbergAnd here and there they let me keep a few toys20:56
azonenbergand not exactly20:56
azonenbergi did consulting20:56
azonenbergSo work and home systems were one and the same20:56
azonenbergi have a 24U rack in the living room20:56
azonenbergthough i keep all of the compute nodes turned off when i'm not running a big job because they use a lot of power, i only have the file server on normally20:57
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