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azonenberghorizontally: contact litho works fine as long as you dont need <200um resolutions01:34
azonenbergOr if you're using commercially made film masks at 20um resolution (laserlab.com is a good vendor) and dont care about precise alignment relative to existing features01:35
horizontallyazonenberg: is this from experience?03:29
azonenbergContact litho in real fab goes a lot smaller03:29
azonenbergBut it requires more precise masks and usually you care about alignment03:29
azonenbergbut on a cheap printer 200um resolution is easily doable with no optics using contact03:29
horizontallyso why do you care about all this stuff being so small again?03:30
horizontallyMEMS? why are you so interested in a comb drive?03:30
azonenbergIt's the "hello world" of MEMS03:30
horizontallyi don't quite even get how it works03:30
azonenbergas in a fairly simple device03:30
horizontallyreally hmm03:30
azonenbergsame as a ring oscillator for CMOS (though i'd probably do a single transistor, then a single gate to start off)03:30
kristianpaulsingle transistor, thats a *must* :-)03:44
kristianpauland then single LED :-D03:44
azonenbergLED is more tricky03:45
azonenbergthat will need a III-IV semiconductor problaby03:45
azonenbergat least if i want it to emit in the visible range03:45
azonenbergIR i could probably do on silicon03:45
azonenbergi need to learn more about bandgaps etc03:45
kristianpaulsure, just kidding03:46
azonenbergAnd i'm serious :p03:46
azonenbergi was thinking of making my own phototransistor too03:46
azonenbergthat shouldnt be too tricky03:46
azonenberglarge NPN device03:46
azonenbergwith a huge exposed junction03:46
horizontallyi wish my roommates were that motivated05:13
azonenberghorizontally: i wish mine were :p05:13
horizontallyi got some dumbass psychology majors who don't know what they want to do in life05:13
azonenbergthey're not that bad, they're all CS or CSYS majors05:13
azonenbergexcept for one who's an aeronautical engineer05:14
horizontallyoh cool05:14
azonenbergand is, despite that, a competent coder :p05:14
horizontallywhat's CSYS?05:14
azonenbergcomputer systems engineering05:14
horizontallyoh okay i read that as CS YS05:14
horizontallynot C SYS05:14
azonenbergyeah lol05:14
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