#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-11-16

--- Wed Nov 16 201100:00
horizontallywhat's this about?17:55
horizontallyoh wow home cmos like jeri ellsworth SpeedEvil pointed me to17:55
azonenbergShe was hte original inspiration for my work17:55
azonenbergi want to take her transistor process and shrink to microscale17:55
azonenbergthoguh right now i'm focusing on MEMS as i can get away with being a little less pedantic re metal ion contamination17:56
horizontallyi got to go to class soon. also i'm beginning to develop a second chin and fat lips. i'm going to work out17:57
horizontallygood to know about this place though17:57
azonenbergYep, its been quiet lately as i've been busy with research and not many people are doing lab work yet17:58
azonenbergbut if you idle and read history periodically you can stay up to date17:58
--- Thu Nov 17 201100:00

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