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HelldeskHere we demonstrate that several defect spin states in the 4H polytype of SiC (4H-SiC) can be optically addressed and coherently controlled in the time domain at temperatures ranging from 20 to 300 kelvin."18:27
azonenbergHelldesk: Hmm, i dont know much about SiC21:19
azonenbergBut that sounds interesting21:19
soul-devening  just finished first uv method pcb test project -> http://imgur.com/a/9T26z21:22
soul-dmuch sharper tracks  probably 5>  <10 mill21:22
soul-dhad some grid problems with stupid package  not wanting to snap to middle of pads  and such21:23
soul-dnow i only need enough wires to actualy test it  :)21:26
azonenbergvery nice21:34
azonenbergyeah, one of my roommates complained about smelling something from a pcb etch in his room - not sure how thats possible, its >30 feet away21:35
azonenbergBut to avoid any problems i'm halting etching until i finish my local exhaust setup21:35
soul-di use ferric chloride21:41
soul-dbut still use shed for all that stuff  altough getting cold21:41
soul-dtook 15 min  ofcourse could turn on heater and bubbler first and wait  10  / 15 min21:42
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