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azonenbergNew toy :D18:27
azonenberg12" ish bell jar and 2-stage rotary vane vacuum pump18:27
azonenbergRight now it has one feedthrough for a DB9 port, which isnt much good for high power stuff, but I intend to drill a second hole in the baseplate and run a high voltage feedthrough soon18:28
azonenbergOnce i can run two lines at a couple kV into it, time to start sputtering :)18:28
azonenbergwe've already hit pressures at the sub-100mtorr range which should be adequate18:29
azonenbergSo the only other thing to do is work out how to do an argon purge18:29
soul-dmeaning  you need a vacuum then  fill chamber with argon only ?18:34
azonenbergsoul-d: yes18:35
azonenbergto sputter properly i will need around 100mtorr of argon18:35
azonenbergor, reactively, a mixture18:35
azonenbergsay 70mtorr of argon + 30mtorr of nitrogen to sputter a nitride18:36
azonenberg(numbers are just a guess, the proper partial pressures i'd have to look up)18:36
soul-d so you will will want  a setup that hold and mixes those gases then put the jarbell under pressure with it or mix it in the jarbell ?18:45
azonenbergI'd have two needle valves feeding in19:30
azonenbergSo start out by pumping the chamber down as low as it goes19:30
azonenbergthen open the valves and gently start feeding gas in at the proper rates19:30
azonenbergas we add inert gas and remove gas from the chamber the amount of air will quickly go to near zero19:30
azonenbergthen we can start sputtering19:30
soul-dyou make it sound easy20:06
azonenbergsoul-d: lol20:26
azonenbergconceptually, it is easy :p20:26
soul-das soon as buget allows i want to restart chemistry a bit,  been a while  but also need a nice chem table so  accidents can be maintained  shield ,spills etc  also  fume hood  is a must20:38
bart416a propper chemical lab is really expensive21:37
bart416a good lab table alone can cost a small fortune21:37
azonenbergbart416: i know21:38
azonenbergi'm going cheap since i know what i'm working with21:38
azonenbergmy hood will be a 2 foot cube of PVC with an acrylic sash21:38
bart416I was talking about soul-d :P21:41
bart416you have sort of a clue what you're doing21:42
bart416a chemically inert lab table is so important if you are going to be doing a lot of experiments :P21:42
azonenbergbart416: yeah21:43
azonenbergI actually know what i'm doing21:43
azonenbergthe PVC is fine, the acrylic will be damaged by acetone splashes21:43
azonenbergbut i hope to keep them to a minimum21:43
azonenbergIt'll hold in any accidental release, just need to be replaced after21:44
bart416remember that CR-39 we were talking about?21:44
bart416I managed to get a hold on a rod of it21:45
azonenberg Which was that again? refresh my memory21:45
soul-doh not realy bart41621:45
soul-dthere are some recipy's for painting tables21:45
bart416the transparent material that was resistant to solvents21:45
bart416tried it21:45
bart416it survived 24 hours in chloroform...21:46
bart416with no visible damage21:46
azonenbergVery nice21:46
bart416I think it'd do for a clean room window :D21:48
azonenbergLol, yeah21:48
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