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bart416azonenberg, some idiot was trying to use aqua regia to etch a PCB :|13:14
bart416Luckily somebody came up with the *cough* brilliant *cough* idea to dump some sodium hydroxide in it to neutralise it...13:17
bart416Needless to say we were rather pissed that said person did so13:18
bart416Cause with that it somehow managed to destroy the etching bath...13:18
bart416Meaning you had this ceramic table with either aqua regia on it or sodium hydroxide13:19
bart416We weren't quite sure13:19
bart416Made for a funny situation in terms of clean up13:19
soul-dlol and i thought i was a chemical hazard13:22
bart416soul-d, try first year engineering students who haven't had basic chemistry yet13:22
soul-di havent had basic chemistry  except books  and a shed :)13:22
bart416Yeah, but you don't have access to a full lab with restricted chemicals ;)13:23
bart416Most of the really dangerous stuff is gone by now13:24
bart416But still enough of it to go around13:24
soul-dno but half lab and most dangerous stuff13:24
soul-dand i can pretty much order all13:24
bart416Dunno, could you just grab 3-4 things of the shelve to make an explosive?13:24
soul-dthis is a garden site13:24
bart416Cause that's the case...13:24
soul-di have kmno413:24
soul-dgood for flash13:25
soul-dif i wanted to :P13:25
soul-dand kno3 for  and nh4no313:25
bart416We could make a few littres of nitroglycerine in matter of minutes >_<13:25
bart416Your turn13:25
bart416And this is an electronics lab...13:26
soul-dif i wanted to i probably could do so to  but i don't13:26
bart416I think the only thing we're missing is cyanide compounds13:26
soul-dyah ill leave that  to you  same with  most other fun stuff :)13:26
soul-dsure for home chemist it's hard  and  probably not in large quatities  but most is doable if you want13:27
bart416Do you have a block of arsenic?13:27
soul-dpeople with bad intentions probably  don't have a problem at all getting stuff needed13:27
bart416Somebody ordered that back in the day with the excuse "we need dopant materials to display"13:28
bart416Actually it was used as rat poison13:29
bart416Safe material handling *cough*13:29
soul-dno but i don't have most dangerous stuff  although maybe some13:29
bart416Keep in mind they cleaned up their lab13:30
bart416They thought it was a good idea to remove all the crystalised products that were borderline explosive13:30
bart416So their cleanup was done and we only had etching supplies left13:31
soul-dsulfuric acid  is most dangerous i have i think :P maybe others that are not are toxic like borax13:31
bart416And one of the lab assistants went to raid the material sciences lab...13:31
bart416So essentially nothing changed13:32
bart416Except that we don't have bleach anylonger13:32
bart416"You can't have bleach!"13:32
bart416"But we have a bottle of 1l of 1M HCl"13:32
bart416"You can't have bleach in the lab"13:32
bart416Wtf??? o_O13:32
soul-dhow much is that in%  do  have 5 of 30%  gcl for no apearent reason :P13:33
bart416what do you mean?13:34
soul-di meant to ask what you ment with 1L of 1M  HCl13:34
bart4161M HCl, so 1 mol of HCl molecules / l of solution13:34
bart416I'll put it this way, it's at the bottom of the pH scale13:35
bart416That's how safe it is to handle :D13:35
soul-doh yeah need to restart chemistry though only did it for like 2 weeks then deemed it to dangerous to do @ home  well   but ofcourse stocked up on lots of chems and supply's :P13:35
bart416And this is still an electronics lab...13:37
bart416We're not quite sure what they've got stocked in the actual chemistry labs13:37
soul-dwell  i was terrified first time handeling  h2so4  adding it to water13:37
bart416Probably highly enriched uranium or something13:37
bart416two near critical masses probably13:37
bart416sitting about 2m away from each other13:37
bart416That sounds about right13:38
bart416You should be terrified13:38
bart416H2SO4 is nasty13:38
soul-dyeah  but if it translates to shaking  it doesn't help :D13:38
bart416also, idiots do it the other way around13:39
bart416Fun to watch actually13:39
soul-di like to watch from distances :)13:40
soul-despeicaly with chemistry13:40
bart416it's especially fun if they're not using pyrex glassware13:41
bart416makes for an interesting display of why you should do it the other way around13:42
soul-dand still precautions with all glassware should be taken anyhow but i probably shoulnd  say that atm :P  since my shed looks like a student apartment with chemicals :')13:44
bart416Actually pyrex is pretty hard to break as long as you don't knock it over13:47
soul-dproblem is if you need to learn yourself is  it's hard to start since it is hard to get  all chems needed in a timely fashion   egg from when you read a experiment in a book  and then also learning all the saftey precautions regulations storage etc13:47
bart416excellent chemical resistance13:47
bart416And as long as you don't pour molten metals into it it should last rather long13:47
soul-dyeah i knocked on over  though , wasn't a true pyrex though  although all is sodiumborsilisomthing glass13:48
bart416Borosilicate glass is pyrex...13:49
bart416but pyrex is shorter xD13:49
soul-d:) thought it was brand name13:49
bart416In north america it is13:50
bart416In Europe and Asia Pyrex does refer to borosilicate glass13:50
soul-dshould clean mine lol  just noticed i have them all dirty13:51
soul-dah thought it was french13:52
bart416now quartz...13:52
bart416That's a different story all together13:52
bart416quartz glass is pretty much perfect13:52
soul-dweird stuff building alogic analyzer but now needitng to wonder wich output to trust  the counter in breadboard or the logic analyzer's readout  but first time i saw  most of the count cycle complete :)13:55
bart416Hard to tell13:56
soul-dyeah proably cause my target ground cable is a bit flimsy so maybe noise :P  made one then figured out i don't have enough proper wires to wire it :)13:58
soul-dwas where i left of yesterday13:59
soul-dbut also just playing with signaltap for a day so don't know in's and outs yet14:00
bart416always have the ground be the shortest connection!14:02
bart416it's a common thing on all propper oscilloscopes and logic analyzers14:03
bart416the ground lead is shorter than the measurement probe14:03
soul-dyah made a mistake in board anyhow put "target gnd"  on fpga side instead of measuring side14:05
soul-dbut ill rember that14:05
soul-dcurrently target  is  7 bit counter output  on hc595  and 1 bit  is used as clock (one of clock signals of external device)14:07
soul-dprobably should create internal slow clock :)14:08
soul-dbut thought it would be easyer to the timing that way14:08
soul-dcurrent setup -> http://i.imgur.com/DNKsN.jpg  did order some supplies14:17
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