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azonenbergSo i'm now pretty convinced that homebrewing a sputtering apparatus is possible00:44
Helldeskdo you use any gas in the chambe?03:26
Helldeskchamber, that is03:26
azonenbergHelldesk: For evaporation? no04:37
azonenbergfor sputtering, either argon (for normal DC sputtering)04:38
azonenbergor argon plus oxygen/nitrogen to reactive sputter oxides and nitrides respectively04:38
azonenbergEvaporation is done in the 1E-6 torr range and sputtering at 1E-2 ish04:38
Helldeskis that still in the ballistic range or do the sputtered ions do a random walk?04:46
Helldeskafter they shoot off the target04:47
azonenbergHelldesk: Sputtered are random04:47
azonenbergAnd thus the coating is conformal04:47
azonenbergEvaporation is ballistic so you can cast shadows etc04:48
azonenbergI'm working this weekend but hoping to do Ni + Cr (Ni hardmask over Cr adhesion layer) evap over my latest wafer some time early next week04:49
azonenbergthen try my second serious attempt at a full through wafer etch04:49
azonenbergand hopefully my first successful one :p04:49
Helldeskah, I see06:19
Helldeskfor Ni, argon seems to be just as good as krypton, and when you're doing Cr too it's the best choice06:25
azonenbergYeah, argon is the de facto standard06:25
azonenbergneon and krypton are used occasionally06:25
azonenbergbut argon is right in the middle mass wise06:26
azonenberg"good enough" for most purposes06:26
Helldeskclosest atomic weight to most of the metals needed, right?06:26
soul-dhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbF-hD5jnr0   nice mems intro18:42
azonenbergNice, will have to check it out at some point18:59
soul-dyeah even he drops  the die  so makes it all worth it to :)19:33
soul-dheal yeah :)19:38
soul-dit actualy ssems to work to19:58
soul-dbut need more cables20:03
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