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azonenbergyay http://i.imgur.com/VIdMd.png20:04
azonenbergi think i have my layout finished20:04
azonenbergscale bar is 1mm20:04
kristianpaul"hello word" for MEMS?20:06
azonenbergkristianpaul: Yep, pretty much20:07
azonenbergThis is the metal1 pattern, the bulk etch pattern is at *uploads*20:07
soul-dyou know  the program "toped" ?looks similar found it on fedora distribution20:09
azonenbergsoul-d: i've heard about it20:09
azonenbergglade is my current tool of choice but i am open to moving20:09
azonenbergi tried a few open source ones and didnt like any yet20:10
azonenbergthis one is freeware but closed source20:10
azonenbergfull 2" wafer of the things, plus alignment marks etc20:10
soul-dit looked quite similar but it is in the electronic spin of fedora20:10
azonenbergi heard some other folks recommending it20:11
azonenbergi'll look at it again20:11
soul-djsut mentioning cause i know fedora would not include stuff that gets unstable  and easy to install wich would get stuff out of the way for random people looking at it20:14
azonenbergYeah, i will definitely look at it20:14
soul-dlooks cool no idea what id does  well  maybe  "tiny" bit , the first pic  the comb thingy is suposed to move right ?20:19
azonenbergthe bottom fingers are fixed20:19
azonenbergthe top fingers can move - see the spring above them?20:19
azonenbergThe two large metal pads at top and bottom are test pads for probing20:20
azonenbergyou stick a needle down on each one and apply voltage20:20
azonenbergthe fingers then behave like a parallel plate capacitor and develop a charge20:20
azonenbergwhich causes them to attract20:20
azonenbergAnd kristianpaul is right, this is pretty much the 'hello world' app of mems20:21
azonenbergdoing anything more complex will be difficult but i'm hoping to get there eventually20:21
soul-dbut how does it become a  spring just because of the form ?  or  will the lanes that make the spring hover  by some etchin thecnique ?  hard to visualize 3d  sofar it has   it :)20:23
azonenbergsoul-d: This is a top down view20:24
azonenbergit will be etched pretty much vertically into the wafer20:24
azonenbergthe structures will be around 50 microns high20:24
azonenbergthe rest of the ~500 micron thick wafer will be etched away before i do the fine patterning20:24
azonenbergYeah, i've seen those things20:44
azonenbergmicrofluidics is something that might be worth playing with at some point20:44
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