#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2011-10-28

B0101Hi azonenberg01:51
B0101sorry, wasn't active these few weeks01:52
azonenbergNo worries, I was busy too01:52
B0101I am not likely to be doing any more experiments until I rectify the internet prob;lem01:53
azonenberginternet problem?01:54
B0101ISP suspended my service01:54
B0101on the grounds that I violated the T&C01:55
B0101They thought that the software I downloaded was pirated01:56
azonenberglol, what software?01:56
B0101Windows 701:56
B0101gimme a sec, changing coumputers01:57
azonenbergyay, my Ni is in california04:53
azonenbergarrives in town on thursday04:54
--- Sat Oct 29 201100:00

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