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azonenbergSo I did a little bit more reading and it looks like I will be switching my hardmask from Cr to Ni20:46
azonenbergI'm also going to be using a more classic evaporation setup in which the sample is mounted above the filament instead of below, so i get more of a line of sight20:47
soul-devening azonenberg ,  did you see anything usable for evap on site i gave ?  http://www.labstuff.nl/contents/media/1g.jpg    < supposed to be  one 3" dia  but looks like a normal bottle to me :P (also its just 5 eur )21:04
azonenbergI didnt have a chance to look at it21:04
azonenbergwill check it out in a bit, about ot head up to campus21:04
soul-dok, yeah finishing the day here :)  used my  new hot air gun  from aoyu solderstation to desolder 2x 128mb sdram  and some flash as to get to know it21:08
soul-dalthough i probably would need to assume it was leadfree :)21:08
azonenbergi just got my fpga talking to ddr2 sdram yesterday night21:09
soul-dneeded 360~ish but worked not to bad for first try21:09
azonenbergnow i have to get it playing nice with the 16MB NOR flash chip21:09
soul-ddevkit ?21:09
azonenbergYeah, quite a nice one21:09
soul-dyeah ddr221:09
soul-dhave  altera's cheapest  set21:10
soul-dde1 and just got the  maxII kit and de nano21:10
soul-dand went ahead and orderd  a cyclone 1 @ farnell and some randome needed bits21:11
soul-ddoes look nice though diligent stuff  expensive though21:11
soul-dshould try seeedstudio out for some simple pcb's21:16
azonenbergThis one wasnt exactly cheap but it's very nice21:16
soul-ddoes have some nice things like eth & usb   good qualitty video out21:19
soul-dmy de1 only has vga out  with 4bit reistor network :)21:20
azonenbergI tried doing VGA with a CPLD but couldnt get the monitor to recognize it21:20
azonenberghopefully i can get HDMI working better21:20
soul-dno it was verry picky  to screens here to21:21
soul-dvga habbit21:21
azonenbergi see21:21
soul-da lcd with  vga input might be handy21:22
soul-di think i saw  it reporting some data on what it fetched21:22
soul-dbut if it was crt you tried  they can be picky on signal21:23
berndjooold ones have narrow frequency ranges21:23
azonenbergberndj: I tried a recent Asus 24" 1080p LCD21:23
azonenbergfed it what should have been 640x480x60 VGA21:23
azonenbergtiming looked fine on my scope21:23
berndjactually, aren't (some) lcd's even pickier?21:24
berndjelectronics can't really tell the difference between 640 and 1920 or whatever pixels; only the line count and frame rate matter21:25
berndjwas 480x60 perhaps just too slow?21:25
azonenbergi dont think so, it displayed the same spec signal fine from my laptop21:25
azonenbergw/e... i dont like analog21:25
azonenbergTMDS ftw21:25
berndja crt might tell you more about what's wrong though!21:26
azonenbergI agree21:26
soul-danyhow i was quite certain that with osd you could get some data on what it screen thinks it's getting21:26
berndjyou'd have some clue about what it isn't happy about21:26
azonenbergMy monitor was so confused the OSD froze21:26
soul-dyeah could have been my  crt that told me21:26
azonenbergmy LCD*21:26
azonenbergI couldnt find a CRT to test with21:26
soul-dtrew it out  cause it was to big21:27
berndjsoul-d, i've only seen osd tell you what your video mode is when the lcd monitor already recognizes the signal :-/21:27
azonenbergin my case it displayed a black screen with no OSD21:27
azonenbergi tried two screens21:27
azonenbergthe Asus froze21:27
azonenbergthe other one (forget the vendor) displayed a blank black screen21:28
azonenbergwith slight changes to time they both went "no signal" and shut down21:28
soul-dtrue  my iyama still had bnc's on the back21:28
soul-dso maybe it was just  biut more special :P21:28
berndjhow do you know your laptop outputs 480x60 and not, say, 480x135 (which would be the same line rate as 1080x60)21:29
azonenbergberndj: Because the nvidia x server settings said 60 hz21:29
azonenbergi didnt actually run timing on it but i doubt it would lie to me21:29
berndjah ok21:29
azonenbergOn that note... any tips on how to MITM a VGA signal from laptop to LCD?21:29
azonenbergi want to get probes in there somehow21:29
berndjyou did give it blanked lines?21:30
azonenbergberndj: Yes, i used the timing from my xorg.conf and converted into 20 MHz clock cycles21:30
berndjok cool21:30
azonenberg(20 Mhz = two 640x480x60 pixels)21:30
azonenbergor maybe it was 800x60021:30
azonenbergin any case the nominal pixel clock was 40 MHz21:30
azonenbergi was running at 20 so i had a min addressible size of 1x2 pixels21:30
azonenbergBut that should be fine21:31
azonenbergsync pulse lengths and such measured by my scope all looked OK21:31
soul-d20mhz for vga ?21:31
berndji know there's some semi-undocumented trickery involved concerning whether to blank the lines during the interframe period, or whether to invert the sync pulses during it, etc21:31
soul-di think thats off  im sure on 640 it has some weird one  like 25.17521:32
azonenbergsoul-d: It's 4021:37
soul-dmaybe should try again on lcd now21:37
azonenbergBut i halved all of the delays and halved the clock period21:37
soul-dyeah i saw in table21:37
azonenbergThey were all even so it should hav eworked21:37
azonenbergand um, now i have an FPGA21:37
azonenbergwith onboard PLLs21:37
azonenbergi can clock it at 40 or faster21:37
azonenbergBut why bother with VGA when i can do HDMI?21:38
azonenbergI just need to buy myself an HDMI cable lol21:38
soul-dyeah i was dumb enough to buy a weird screen with the dev board21:38
azonenbergRight now one of my monitors is using VGA and the other DVI21:38
azonenbergSo both have HDMI in that's unused21:38
soul-ddo have 14" ready21:38
azonenbergmine are 24"21:38
soul-donly need  to make a lvds21:38
soul-dand it's power supply21:38
azonenbergOh, talking straight to a bare LCD?21:38
azonenbergI have an expansion port with 20 LVDS pairs on it21:39
azonenbergshould try that21:39
soul-dstill have a  laptop panel around21:39
azonenbergI have a few of those but no specs21:39
soul-donly need to figure out  if im right that inrush current is fixed  by a big fat cap?      egg devices   avrage   is  350 mA   max 550mA    and inrush is 2A  max  ofcourse i want to fix it with a 800mA  supply21:41
soul-dyeah glad mine was easy to find21:42
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