#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2011-10-11

azonenbergSo my new wafers arrive tomorrow :)03:54
azonenbergGoing to try and chrome plate one of them on Weds03:55
azonenbergthen weds night or thursday do some deep etches03:55
azonenbergI feel like i am *very* close to having this working04:04
azonenbergOnly problem last time was that ~10nm of Cr is not enough :p04:05
flybackhow do you do clean room and vacume04:09
flybackI am curious for my data recovery projects04:09
azonenbergflyback: i dont have either atm04:11
azonenbergi plan to build a vacuum deposition rig soon, right now i just borrow time in an evaporator on campus every other month to coat a wafer04:11
azonenbergthen process it04:12
azonenbergand as far as clean rooms go, i just wear gloves, a lab coat, and a hair net04:12
azonenbergits good enough for my process sizes04:12
azonenbergNew wafers arrived :)22:19
azonenbergGoign to see if i can find a free slot on the evaporator tomorrow and do a micron of Cr22:20
Action: flyback bbl gotta fix this damn box23:21
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