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B0101Hi azonenberg01:21
azonenberghow's the yield debugging going?01:22
B0101Did my final test, failed. Now writing up the wiki01:22
azonenbergi'm on hold for a bit, waiting for another batch of wafers to arrive01:22
azonenbergneed more <110>01:22
azonenbergordered two 2-inch both sides polished01:22
azonenberggoing to keep one around for future use and evaporate a micron of Cr on both sides of the other01:22
B0101ok, and i am building a glove box01:24
azonenbergfor particle reasons?01:24
azonenbergor do you need inert atmosphere for something01:24
B0101well, gonna use it for repairing HDD's and attempt to go to 70NM scale01:27
azonenbergAre you like me on steroids or something? lol01:27
azonenbergi am having yield issues at 20 microns :p01:27
B0101aluminum wafers... i don't know what can they be used for01:34
B0101oh yes, hard drive platters01:35
B0101azonenberg: have you done any experiments lately?01:41
azonenbergsorry was in another window01:43
azonenbergi'm actually going up to the cleanroom at my school tomorrow to help a friend debug yield issues lol01:43
azonenbergIn terms of my own fab, i did a KOH etch a few days ago that worked very well01:43
azonenbergbut i cant go any further until the new wafer arrives01:44
B0101ah, i see01:45
azonenbergBecause i need a micron of Cr01:46
azonenbergand i dont have any blank wafers left to deposit on01:47
azonenbergall of my 2-inch have films on them and i mailed my 4 to swkhan so she can grow thermal oxide on it01:47
azonenbergSo i have two 2-inch 500um 2sp <110> coming in from MTI eta monday/tuesday01:50
azonenbergweds afternoon if i get a chance i'm gonna try and stick a micron of Cr on both sides of one01:50
azonenbergthen do some KOH etches and a TEM cross section the following week01:50
azonenbergpoor man's DRIE lol01:54
Action: flyback- makes repetitive hand motions as he listens to a broken hd from work with a canucked head, preamp or adaptive parameters eeprom01:57
B0101azonenberg: do you have any idea where can i get disk drive parts?02:34
flyback-what kind of disk drive parts02:35
B0101hard disk read/write head02:35
B0101aka actuator02:36
flyback-trying to repair a drive?02:36
flyback-you have to replace the whole head stack02:36
flyback-there are plenty of online stores and ebay sellers02:36
flyback-that sell to data recovery places02:36
B0101this drive has been clicking and clicking...02:37
flyback-yeah either head or preamp on the arm has gone02:37
flyback-do you even know how to change a head stack02:38
flyback-if it's a western digital you are out of of luck sorry02:38
flyback-is it?02:40
B0101its is a western digital02:41
flyback-your fucked then :/02:41
flyback-whatever you do02:42
flyback-DO NOT OPEN IT02:42
flyback-they changed their drives some yrs ago02:42
flyback-the head stack is axis fixed to the lid as well as the base02:42
flyback-if you try to open it, it breaks the alignment02:42
flyback-you need a $500 tool to do head stack changes with wd02:43
flyback-which is why I will never buy them02:43
B0101i was told that if i put a screwdriver into the axis i should be able to find a spot which the drive can recalibrate and give access to the data02:44
B0101i wonder if that is true02:44
flyback-that I don't know02:44
azonenbergHmm, i am not familiar with HDD repair02:45
azonenbergi do know one person who fixed an HDD with a flaky motor in our school's class 100 cleanroom02:45
azonenbergjust by bumping the platter with a gloved finger until it spun up, then copied data off02:45
flyback-can't do that with wd anymore02:46
flyback-because of the alignement02:46
flyback-they fucked it02:46
flyback-recovery companies were not amused either02:46
flyback-www.hddguru.com see if anyone has come up with a way02:46
flyback-B0101, you could try chilling the drive02:47
flyback-NOT FREEEZING02:47
Last message repeated 2 time(s).02:48
flyback-I said chilling02:48
B0101i know02:48
flyback-might get it to work long enough to image it02:48
flyback-I suggest you use ddrescue and don't even try to read files etc off02:48
B0101dang! the guy who handed me the drive tried reading data off it more than 10 times to try to rescue the data on it02:49
flyback-you could try a board change also but you would have to get a identical revision board02:49
flyback-and you have to transfer the adaptive parameters eeprom02:49
flyback-or transfer the programming02:49
azonenbergi'm sure someone making qubits at home knows how to resolder an eeprom :p02:57
B0101flyback: it seems like you have done HDD repair before02:58
B0101azonenberg: sure02:58
flyback-MANY times03:02
flyback-haven't had to do board changes or heads yet03:03
flyback-dunno what will happen when I finally start on  the box of hd's from 10-15 yrs ago03:03
flyback-hoping I find some data I lost03:03
flyback-but I pulled all the files off my dad's hd after 6 months of fighting with the hd03:03
azonenberglol wow03:03
azonenbergcleanroom? garage? homebrew glove box?03:04
flyback-na didn't have to open it much03:04
flyback-you don't need a cleanroom absolutely03:04
flyback-but it is a lot safer03:04
azonenbergWell yeah03:04
flyback-you do need finger gloves03:04
flyback-for sure03:04
Action: azonenberg just buys class 100 rated white nitrile from ted pella03:04
flyback-cause fingerprint oil will stick unlike dust etc that will just get spun off03:04
flyback-man that was a deep episode of santuary03:05
flyback-I almost feel bad for adam03:05
Action: flyback- bbl, going to shave03:10
B0101wow, how long has nyan cat been playing in the background?03:48
Action: B0101 goes out to buy lunch03:51
azonenbergB0101: lol nyan cat?03:52
azonenbergafter: http://i.imgur.com/DaKfl.jpg03:52
azonenberghorrible but still funny03:53
B0101check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CggsoJzg5iw03:57
Action: B0101 goes out to buy lunch 03:58
azonenberglol, where you find stuff like that04:21
azonenbergand did you finish your wiki writeup yet?04:21
B0101i have finished the writeup, i am still checking04:22
B0101after that, i will publish it04:22
B0101ok, my writeup is not short but it is also not long04:32
azonenbergwell, are you going to post it?04:42
azonenbergbecause i dont see it yet04:47
B0101wait 5 more minutes please04:47
azonenbergno rush, just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong with the posting process04:48
CIA-67homecmos r142 | wiki/SQUIDfab.wiki | Edited wiki page SQUIDfab (Latest Updates Section)04:52
B0101ok, its quite short04:53
azonenbergWere you using tantalumfilm or silicafilm to grow oxide?04:55
azonenbergtantalumfilm is ta2o504:55
B0101well any problems?04:55
azonenbergWell, hcl wont etch it04:55
azonenbergcorrection, hcl wont etch ta2o504:56
azonenbergnot sure about tacl5, which is the precursor before baking04:56
azonenbergor did you mean hf?04:56
B0101I am sure I used HCl04:56
azonenbergand you were growing sio2 or ta2o5 on the wafer?04:56
azonenbergi dont think hcl etches it04:57
azonenbergdirect link http://orbit.dtu.dk/getResource?recordId=266688&objectId=1&versionId=104:58
azonenbergtantalum oxide is not attacked by hcl05:00
B0101thanks for that05:00
azonenbergRead my lab notes, thats why i post them05:00
azonenbergand if you had shared yours earlier somebody might have noticed the problem before you wasted this much time on it05:01
B0101ok, i will make it a point to post mine as much as possible05:04
swkhanazonenberg_work: sorry, no package yet =\05:30
flyback-http://youtu.be/DXDuw4_aOyA <---- dumbo fly fail06:18
CIA-67homecmos r143 | wiki/SQUIDfab.wiki | Edited wiki page SQUIDfab through web user interface.06:52
azonenbergswkhan: show delivered yesterday 093212:39
azonenbergB0101: are you doing contact lithography? if so, how small are your features?12:42
azonenbergSo you're doing projection?12:43
azonenbergat what range? what kind of optics? how much reduction?12:43
azonenbergand what kind of feature sizes are you working at?12:47
B0101sorry, I was on another window13:03
B0101feature sizes around 5 cm13:03
B0101set up uses DUV 248NM13:04
B0101I would say its proximity lithography13:05
B0101I am not really sure about reduction13:10
B0101Azonenberg: I just use the normal way of photolithography. (like how PCBs are made)13:11
azonenbergI'd classify that as contact13:16
azonenbergeven if you arent quite in contact13:16
azonenbergWhat i meant was, are oyu reducing or not13:16
B0101nope i am not reducing13:20
B0101sorry, I am a little bit tired though13:24
azonenbergno worries, i'm about to leave myself13:24
bart416azonenberg, I just face desked19:50
Action: bart416 can't believe this19:51
azonenbergbart416: what?22:02
bart416see query :P22:03
flyback-canuckalin keeps me in the game22:58
flyback-lorez feels the pain22:58
flyback-man I got all these servo's and steppers with encoders22:59
flyback-wrong channel23:07
azonenbergLol, so it seems that my fab isnt the only one having adhesion issues with thick resist23:54
azonenbergthis morning i went over the cleanroom with a friend to help him debug some adhesion issues23:54
azonenberghe is using a very thick photoresist that seemed to have the same adhesion issues i observed with tantalumfilm on improperly cleaned wafers23:54
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