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azonenbergswkhan: i mailed the wafer on tuesday22:53
azonenbergdid it arrive yet?22:54
azonenbergberndj: interesting22:54
swkhanazonenberg: maybe. i was in lab yesterday. i'll see tomorrow22:55
swkhanyay i'm so excited =)22:55
azonenbergfor silicon? Lol22:55
azonenbergOh, the life of a geek22:55
azonenbergswkhan: it was supposed to arrive today or tomorrow so it should def be there by then22:56
azonenbergarrives tomorrow22:57
swkhanthis should be fun22:59
swkhani'll run it in the tube furnace with 99.999% N2 running through the quartz tube22:59
swkhanwe have oxygen leaks so you should get some oxygen in there...22:59
azonenbergN2? Or O2?22:59
azonenbergCan you run it in air though?23:00
swkhanwe have compressed air and an O2 filter. i could try that as well23:00
swkhani can run it in air as well23:00
swkhanyeah air would probably be easier anyway :p23:00
azonenbergThe numbers i have for thickness are air23:00
swkhanno vacuum, i forgot23:00
azonenbergSee if you can do a couple of thicknesses23:00
swkhanokay will do23:01
Action: azonenberg calculates cook times23:01
azonenbergat 1100C, 50nm is 23 minutes23:01
azonenberg100 is an hour23:01
azonenberg200 is around 3 hours23:01
swkhancan you measure the thickness yourself?23:02
swkhani don't know how i'd be able to measure thickness without contaminating your surface23:02
azonenbergdiffraction coloring23:02
swkhani mean experimentally23:02
azonenberg50nm would be tannish23:02
azonenberg100 a deep purple to blue23:02
azonenberg200 gold-yellow23:03
azonenbergAnd if you dont mind leaving it in there for five and a half hours, 300nm is dark blue23:03
azonenbergto purple23:03
azonenbergSo why dont you put a bunch of samples in there, then take out some pieces after half an hour (60nm), an hour (100), three (200nm)23:05
azonenbergand maybe longer to grow it really thick23:05
azonenbergWhen you cleave it, make sure to remove the silicon dust from the surface - a gentle wipe with a wet lab wipe followed by optional sonication should do the trick23:06
swkhanazonenberg: how long would you say sonication should take to get rid of the silicon dust?23:22
swkhan5 minutes? 10 minutes? my professor laughed at me when i put silicon in acetone for 1 hour -_-23:22
azonenbergNot long23:22
azonenbergi dont even do it23:22
swkhanwell you're talking to a professional here =p23:22
azonenbergI usually just wipe with a lint-free wipe for a few seconds23:23
azonenbergand you're talking to a guy whose fab is in a corner of a living room :p23:23
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