#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-10-05

--- Wed Oct 5 201100:00
azonenbergSo I just ordered two more blank 2" <110> wafers13:02
azonenbergmore testing will commence when they arrive13:02
nathan7azonenberg: what about SiO2?14:04
kristianpaul(testing) nice !14:39
azonenbergnathan7: Going to stick a micron of Cr on each17:13
azonenbergi mailed a 4-inch <100> to swkhan and am getting oxide grown on it17:14
azonenbergkristianpaul: When the testing is finished you will be baked, and then there will be cake.17:16
azonenbergnathan7: also, the 2-inchers just shipped17:20
azonenbergshould be here in a few days and then i can do deposition next week17:20
nathan7azonenberg: nice17:37
azonenbergif anybody sees swkhan in here when i'm not around tell her the wafer is inbound17:38
kristianpaulbut dont bake me ;)17:56
--- Thu Oct 6 201100:00

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