#homecmos IRC log for Monday, 2011-10-03

swkhanthis ibs is really screwed up... it claims i'm depositing 5 angstroms of chromium in 5 minutes....00:29
swkhani'm not sure how thick of an adhesion layer is desirable to deposit a contact metal on top of it00:30
swkhanbut i'm going with 5 nm at this rate00:30
azonenbergswkhan: I evaporated what was supposed to be 5nm of Cr in a couple of minutes in the CVC at my school00:30
azonenbergI think it was actually thicker00:30
azonenbergBut 5-10nm works just fine as an adhesion layer00:31
swkhani don't know why yet =00:31
swkhanoops i forgot this keyboard doesn't have a backslash...00:31
swkhani'm on the computer with INCA attached00:31
swkhanbtw, let me know when you plan to send those wafers in00:32
swkhaner, that wafer in00:32
swkhani'm kind of in a lull period right now00:32
swkhanbut i think this month will get really hectic :(00:32
azonenbergProbably going to mail tuesday as i dont have class until 14:0000:32
azonenbergi just have to box it up00:32
azonenbergyou'll be getting one 4-inch <100> P type B doped, single side polished, in a sealed cassette from MTI00:33
azonenbergbeen sitting unopened on that shelf for a few months while i worked on the 2-inchers00:33
azonenbergstill havent used 'em up :p00:33
swkhanomg! again?01:04
swkhanthis day has been really bad01:04
swkhannothing deposited :(01:04
azonenbergwhat process?01:12
azonenbergALD ZnO?01:12
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