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swkhanhello =)17:32
swkhani uploaded this... http://pdfcast.org/pdf/extremely-low-temperature-growth-of-zno-by-atomic-layer-deposition17:36
swkhanthey say: The best electrical parameters, i.e., the lowest free carrier concentration we obtained for ZnO films grown with a longer purging time (20 s) after water precursor. We assign this effect to the better purifying of the surface from hydroxyl groups, which are referred to be abundant in ZnO films grown with a water precursor.17:36
swkhanThe results of Hall measurements for samples with a long purging time are gathered in Table 1. It is worth mentioning that mobility of low temperature ALD-ZnO films is considerably higher than the mobility of ZnO films obtained in different low temperature processes.17:37
swkhanwhat do they mean "better purifying of the surface from hydroxyl groups"?17:48
mrdatado hydroxyl groups hang onto the surface?17:50
mrdatai guess theyre talking about removing those17:50
swkhanbut they need those in order to get the next reaction to work17:52
mrdataok, that's confusing17:54
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