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B0101azonenberg: I will be creating a wiki page for my lab notes (JJ qubits)02:36
azonenbergB0101: ok02:43
azonenbergI just got back from a weekend in the woods and am planning out work to do over the coming week02:44
CIA-67homecmos r127 | wiki/PageName.wiki | New page.03:10
CIA-67homecmos r128 | wiki/PageName.wiki | Edited wiki page PageName (Stub Page)03:13
B0101Azonenberg: I need your help03:14
B0101I was doing up the page, but forgot to put in the page name03:16
azonenbergYeah, I noticed03:16
B0101could you rename it?03:16
azonenbergWhat do you want it to be called?03:16
CIA-67homecmos r129 | wiki/ (SQUIDfab.wiki PageName.wiki) | Renamed wiki page "PageName" to "SQUIDfab"03:17
B0101ok thanks03:18
B0101i will do more editing after i come back from lunch. ttyl03:19
Action: B0101 is away: 0x004cffff03:21
azonenbergAdding pics to the wiki so it looks cooler for people03:24
CIA-67homecmos r130 | (7 files in 2 dirs) | Uploading pics for wiki03:25
CIA-67homecmos r131 | (trunk/wikipics wikipics) | Moving files added to wrong directory03:26
CIA-67homecmos r132 | (wiki/images trunk/wikipics) | Moving again (still in wrong place)03:28
CIA-67homecmos r133 | wiki/images/ (6 files) | Updating image MIME types03:28
CIA-67homecmos r134 | wiki/CurrentStatus.wiki | Edited wiki page CurrentStatus through web user interface.03:32
CIA-67homecmos r135 | wiki/CurrentStatus.wiki | Edited wiki page CurrentStatus through web user interface.03:33
Action: B0101 is back (gone 00:16:21)03:38
CIA-67homecmos r136 | wiki/images/ (S7301603_fullres.jpg S7301603_thumb.jpg) | Added another wiki photo03:46
CIA-67homecmos r137 | wiki/Overview.wiki | Edited wiki page Overview through web user interface.03:51
CIA-67homecmos r138 | wiki/Overview.wiki | Deleted wiki page Overview through web user interface.03:52
azonenbergCheck out the new home page http://code.google.com/p/homecmos/03:53
azonenbergAny comments?04:07
B0101no comments04:10
B0101I feel that the addition of the pictures make the wiki better04:11
B0101at least people can see what we have done, or what are our fab processes04:11
azonenbergYeah, it seemed a little bare before04:11
azonenbergi also moved it from the overview page to the project description04:11
B0101wow, I really need to set cleaning rules for my lab...04:30
B0101what type of light do you use for photo lithography?04:32
azonenbergI use a halogen microscope lamp04:36
B0101i wonder if UV light would work04:43
azonenbergB0101: Depends on the type of UV04:44
azonenbergthe problem is not exposing it so much as doing it evenly04:44
azonenbergI have, at one point or another, successfully *exposed* photoresist with:04:44
azonenbergAA mag-lite04:45
azonenberg500W halogen searchlight04:46
azonenberg15W UV-C germicidal mercury vapor lamp04:46
azonenberg1W 385nm UV LED04:46
azonenbergand my current tool of choice, a halogen microscope illuminator04:46
azonenbergThe resist that I use (shipley SP24) is most sensitive to 405nm04:47
azonenbergwhich is what blu-ray diodes emit04:47
azonenbergIts also included in the output from halogen and mercury vapor lamps04:47
azonenbergThe resist is sensitive from i think around 365 to 450ish nm04:48
azonenbergso a wide-band source will work (at the expense of energy wastage and chromatic aberration, which slightly blurs the image but usually not enough to be problematic at these feature sizes)04:48
B0101hmm... I was thinking of making my own "photolithography box"04:55
B0101where I place the wafer inside a box which contains 6 halogen bulbs04:56
azonenbergHalogens heat up a lot though04:57
azonenbergif you have a sealed box go with UV fluorescent04:57
azonenbergand the problem is that you cant align easily in such a setup04:57
B0101hmm... yellow light conditions for photoresist...05:03
B0101lol, i was about to ask what is red light until i thought about LED's05:08
B0101Azonenberg: hows your spin coater project?05:17
azonenbergB0101: I use yellow bug lamps for illumination during litho05:17
azonenbergAnd you mean the more accurately controlled one?05:18
azonenbergLow priority, the one i have is good enough for now05:18
azonenbergHeading off to bed in a bit - its after 1 AM here lol05:18
B0101I am also heading off to my lab to do experiments, cya later05:19
bart416Mhhh, computer with corrupted bios08:37
bart416It still sort of boots08:37
bart416But after the first I/O input from keyboard it hangs up08:38
bart416or first attempt to move mouse08:38
bart416- I/O08:38
bart416anyway, attempt to flash the rom without booting the computer or not? :P08:38
B0101Azonenberg: Hi, I've found the PDF file of the book "Introduction to Microfabrication"11:28
B0101you want it?11:31
bart416B0101, why wouldn't we want it xD? :P12:00
B0101bart416: Your IRC client can receive files?12:02
bart416Nope :(12:03
B0101whats your email?12:03
bart416Had to disable DCC all together cause I got attacked too much >_>12:03
bart416sorry, have a policy of not handing my email out on irc anymore either >_>12:03
B0101ok then12:04
bart416I always wondered if spambox supported forwarding of attachments :P12:05
B0101we'll see12:05
B0101sending it over12:07
B0101darn it12:09
bart416I guess not lol12:09
bart416oh well, was worth a try12:09
bart416I'll come online anyway later with a client that supports DCC12:10
bart416At university it doesn't matter if I get DDoSed with DCC requests12:11
bart416I can draw a full 100 mbps anyway there12:11
B0101i don't know if the file can be read, I had to cancel it off as i got the still working message for a long time12:13
B0101test opening it first12:14
B0101well? does it open?12:17
bart416Sorry, was putting a dish in the oven12:29
B0101never mind12:29
bart416works like a charm12:29
B0101how many pages are there in in total? (verification check)12:31
B0101there should be 422 pages altogether12:32
B0101Sorry if it troubles you12:33
bart416Yeah 42212:33
bart416The thing about PDFs is, if they're damaged they often don't open at all12:34
bart416Or all the data is lost12:34
bart416It's a really fucked up format in that way12:34
bart416I've found the best description of the format's redundancy to be zero nilch12:34
B0101I agree12:35
B0101wth? so fast?12:36
B0101nothing really, just that 1 of my servers went down (CPU fail)12:36
B0101total uptime 3 months only12:36
bart416Hardware failure or segfault?12:36
B0101hardware failure12:36
bart416What's broken?12:37
bart416(I mean what cpu)12:37
B0101AMD Phenom 2 X612:37
bart416mhhh, what socket is that one?12:38
B0101give me a second...12:39
B0101socket AM312:39
bart416Argh :(12:39
bart416sorry, don't have CPUs for that socket12:39
B0101well, not an intel fan but their Xeon processor is more stable, my AMD server would crash at least twice every week12:40
bart416Refurbished single core xeons are brilliant, but the cooling and power requirements are nuts12:41
B0101yup, but for me, stability is more important12:43
bart416Well, if your power bill can afford it...12:44
bart416current uptime of my server here is a half year at this point12:44
B0101My intel servers have been up for 9 months since the last maintenance session12:45
B0101oh dang!12:45
B0101i just remembered, the AMD server was hosting FTP12:47
B0101but i don't think i should be running FTP anymore12:47
bart416FTP can be pretty CPU intensive :(12:51
bart416A friend of mine uses routers as FTP and web servers at home12:51
bart416He doesn't want to believe me that getting company/industrial power line drawn into your house and then using that is actually more profitable once you run a few servers :S12:53
bart416Yes, your yearly service costs increase12:53
bart416But price per kWh is so much lower12:53
B0101It will be hell running a FTP server on a P212:53
B0101i agree about the power thing12:53
bart416The thing about a P2 is that they last forever if you slap a big enough cooler on them12:54
B0101well about the P2, its overclocked to 500MHZ (as i was told by the other admin)12:55
B0101I thought the maximum for a P2 is 450?12:56
B0101btw, I just finished fabricating a JJ qubit, want to see?12:59
B0101its a SQUID actually13:04
bart416Later today :P13:08
bart416It's too warm to think straight13:08
bart416And I've been designing a 16 bit ALU this morning xD13:08
B0101a lot of work eh?13:09
bart416Well, I initially limited myself to only using pencil and paper13:09
bart416But I've decided to use espresso to optimize the ALU13:09
bart416Want a single cycle for every major mathematical expression13:09
bart416addition, multiplication, division, exponents, base 10 and e logarithms, etc...13:10
B0101heh, luckily for you, its a normal ALU13:11
bart416Define non normal? :P13:11
B0101I am trying to design a quantum computer13:11
B0101you cannot do a copy operation on a QC13:11
bart416Yeah, that's a bit trickier :P13:11
B0101why can't you do that? because of the no-cloning theorem13:12
bart416couldn't you just make a function that has one input and two outputs?13:13
bart416And use that to copy?13:13
bart416Feed one output back to the initial qubit and the other to the new one13:13
bart416or do AND 113:14
bart416Not the most efficient way either13:14
bart416But strictly speaking it's not a copy13:15
B0101you're right, but i will look for better ways13:18
bart416How are you storing the qubit?13:18
bart416 or is it a strictly theoretical design and not a physical one?13:19
B0101its a physical one13:19
B0101right now, its stored in a plastic box13:20
bart416You don't know yet or what?13:21
bart416Cause depending on how it's physically stored you might have a few options13:22
B0101so what options can there be?13:23
bart416Well, are you using entangled light?13:23
bart416mhhh, fiber optics are out of the question then13:23
bart416can't think of a non destructive way :(13:25
B0101the qubit is solid state (Its fabricated on silicon) and is operated using electricity13:30
Action: bart416 sort of skipped every solid state physics class when he was studying physics :(13:32
B0101and thats why its called a SQUID13:32
B0101or Superconducting QUantum Interference Device13:33
bart416Aaaaaaargh, acronyms!13:35
Action: bart416 dodges13:35
Action: bart416 raises the dictionary as a shield13:35
B0101I will experiment on QD's soon (Quantum Dots)13:36
B0101its some kind of Electron trap13:38
bart416Aren't those sort of big?13:39
bart416as in 0.5 ┬Ám scale?13:40
B0101there are also 400+ NM double quantum dots though13:42
B0101but what people frequently ask me about Quantum Computing is: "Why am I trying to make one?"13:45
bart416Cause you can? :P13:45
B0101Well, because I with QC's I might be able to crack normal encryption algorithms faster13:46
B0101and, i might improve security with QC's13:47
bart416That's also a good reason13:47
bart416But somehow I doubt the first implementation will be of much assistance in that goal, well not directly13:48
bart416But it'll be a good test bed for future designs13:48
B0101you know whats the current record for a computation made by a QC?13:49
B0101actually, the world record 3 x 5 = 15 on 5 qubits13:50
B0101to many, this will seem like: wth? that simple?13:50
B0101but its hard13:51
B0101decoherence is the problem13:51
B0101if the atoms decohere, the atoms will turn into normal "useless" atoms13:52
B0101those cannot be used for computation13:53
bart416How much bits are you using?13:54
B01012 bits only13:54
B0101just trying to do a normal 'not' operation13:55
B0101but i think i could just use 1 qubit13:57
B0101They had plans on Diamond Quantum Computers14:05
bart416Also B0101 you don't happen to have a fitness store thingy/chain/whatever in real life do you?14:10
bart416A friend of mine who noticed your name in my mailbox just asked lol14:11
B0101nope i don't own a fitness chain/store14:12
bart416Ah, cause when she lived in singapore she used to know somebody with the same name as you that did :P14:15
B0101I'm going off to bed, see you tomorrow14:17
bart416brb, going to do some network maintenance15:00
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