#homecmos IRC log for Saturday, 2011-09-24

berndjazonenberg, i don't think i can squeeze SOT23's close enough together on a single layer to make a 7404 in 1:1 scale.  it's only just a little too tight09:23
bart416I think I'm going to cheat on the cpu design17:32
bart416And use a DAC/ADC and an opamp to do the division xD17:33
berndjyou'll need an opamp with a high f_T17:39
bart416Not really17:40
bart416It's a CPU built out of bjts...17:40
berndjoh that thing!17:41
bart416I think I figured out how to to the division without analog components17:43
bart416But a mixed analog/digital design looks more fun17:44
berndjmy stepdad worked at a naval training college at at some point they bought an analog computer - a radar simulator17:44
berndjnot sure if one should call it a "computer" (implying programmability) or just a calculator, but that's what they called it17:45
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