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bart416azonenberg_work, http://www.elektor.com/news/novel-transistor-uses-protons-for-charge.1953381.lynkx?utm_source=UK&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news07:56
B0101Azonenberg: have you read the book introduction to microfabrication?11:41
azonenbergB0101: No, though i think i've seen bits and pieces here and there11:42
azonenbergMuch of what i learned was in-the-field experience from my own work, reading of papers, and work with that company i was doing stuff with11:42
B0101Well, that book has a lot of information about lithography and other processes11:44
azonenbergI'll definitely check it out11:44
azonenbergHow's your lab coming?11:44
azonenberghi gkwhc11:47
azonenbergB0101: http://i.imgur.com/J1gAE.jpg11:47
azonenbergThis is a surface plot of a SEM photo i took a few days ag11:47
azonenbergRaised red areas are copper11:47
azonenbergWhite in the low areas is silicon11:47
azonenbergThe blue is an unknown KOH resistant material preventing my silicon from etching right11:48
azonenbergi currently suspect un-etched Cr adhesion layer11:48
B0101so what are your plans now?11:48
azonenbergGoing on a trip this weekend, then when i get back doing some increasingly aggressive etches to try and remove that stuff11:49
azonenbergbasically, start with blank die with Cu+Cr thin film11:49
azonenbergApply some etch to it11:49
azonenbergthen throw it in KOH and see if the silicon is attacked11:49
azonenbergFirst step will be an RCA clean11:49
azonenbergIf ten minutes in near-boiling HCl:H2O2 wont take off this material i'll be decently surprised :p11:50
B0101azonenberg: btw, about my lab, its ok now, just waiting for the wafers to come (2 more days)11:56
B0101dang autocorrect11:58
B0101i might have a pdf copy of the book i was talking about11:58
azonenbergI see12:22
azonenbergWhen you start work, can you make a lab notes page on the wiki so the rest of us can keep up to date on your work? (I'll be moving my notes to the wiki at some point most likely).12:22
B0101mostly on Quantum computing research though12:24
azonenbergDoesnt matter, it involves silicon and not a multimillion dollar lab :p12:24
azonenbergThat makes it on topic12:24
B0101GaAs might be used too12:24
azonenbergThe more the merrier - i havent used it before12:25
azonenbergOh, and if you ever see Schrodinger's cat running around the street12:25
azonenbergcan you go kill him for good? For some reason quantum physics researchers have trouble making sure :p12:26
B0101Now, Divincenzo criteria is going to step into our wiki's12:27
B0101you might know whats that12:28
azonenbergi dont12:28
azonenbergi imagine its QC related12:28
azonenbergBut i know next to nothing abt QC12:28
B0101ok, let me explain (yes it about QC)12:29
B0101First thing:12:29
B0101A scalable physical system with well-characterized qubits12:29
B01012: The ability to initialize the state of qubits to a simple fiducial state12:30
azonenbergAre you interested in just duplicating previous work at home, or do you plan to go beyond and do something totally new?12:31
B0101the latter12:31
azonenbergGo for it, get something published :)12:32
B0101well all this research on QC at home started thanks to my younger brother12:33
azonenbergso, is that a problem?12:33
azonenbergname him as a coauthor?12:33
B0101no problem but the only thing: he wants 24/7 access to my lab12:34
azonenbergThat can always be trickier to set up12:34
azonenbergbut i cant help you with personal problems between labmates :P12:34
B0101he wants to do nuclear experiments :P12:35
B0101I cannot stop him12:36
B0101and i cannot see most of his lab notes12:36
B0101so i have no idea whats going on12:36
B0101but well, hope he won't cause everyone to run away12:37
azonenbergi'm actually about to head out myself - ttyl12:40
Action: azonenberg imagines anti-nuke protesters showing up at your front door12:43
bart416Most anti-nuke protesters can't even tell a piece of uranium apart from a piece of lead >_>12:49
B0101format C:13:58
B0101format D:14:00
B0101format E:14:01
B0101format F:14:01
B0101is this a joke???14:02
B0101my system cannot read such fonts!!!!14:03
B0101Are messing with me?14:04
bart416Get UTF-8 support :P14:04
bart416Also it might help if you speed some chinese lol14:06
B0101I can speak chinese, but well, I prefer using english14:06
B0101oh not again...14:07
bart416Though I probably made some mistakes14:09
bart416Need to install that damned piece of google software again >_>14:09
B0101police letter... Why can't i do an experiment in peace???14:10
bart416? o_O14:10
bart416Please note that by UN decision it is impossible to lay claim to any celestial body14:11
B0101another neighbor's complaint about my experiments, now the cops want me to take down my whole lab14:11
Action: bart416 read space14:13
bart416wow o_O14:13
bart416instead of peace14:13
bart416And what sort of experiments are you doing anyway?14:13
B0101experiments include quantum computing experiments, laser experiments, chemical experiments and a lot more14:14
bart416werent you the one talking about nuclear experiments?14:15
B0101my brother wants do that14:15
B0101not me14:15
bart416I understand police would be concerned about that14:16
B0101its not like its fission experiments...14:16
B0101as far as i know, he is planning fusion experiments14:16
bart416Those can result in high neutron radiation14:17
B0101but nobody living next to me even knows about the planned experiment14:20
bart416Maybe your brother told somebody14:21
B0101i don't think so though even i don't know what experiment he is going to do, most of the time14:22
B0101he never tells anyone anything about his experiments14:22
B0101I'm not ruling that out14:23
B0101gimme a second14:23
B0101the neighbor just couldn't stand the smell from my house, so he complained14:24
bart416Don't you ever talk to your neighbour?14:26
B0101I have, but whatever i say does not get into his head14:26
bart416Talk, not say14:26
B0101he has told me that he is afraid of me doing experiments14:28
B0101but its not like i run a terrorist organization14:29
B0101can't help it14:30
Action: B0101 really has to meet up with her neighbor one day14:32
B0101todo: buy chromium coated glass14:34
B0101ttyl guys14:36
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