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B0101hi azonenberg13:48
azonenbergabt to head out13:48
bart416I found a way to skip roughly 200 hours of class in the second semester of this academic year14:26
bart416We have to pick a few courses next semester14:26
bart416But loads of the options I've already done in my previous degree :P14:26
bart416So if I take Nuclear Physics I and II and Nuclear Reactor Theory I and II...14:28
bart416Then I automatically have a pass for all 4 of them14:28
bart416And I don't have to do shit anymore for almost the entire semester14:28
azonenberg_workso you are going to sign up14:28
azonenberg_workand then just go to the exams?14:28
bart416Nah, exempt from the exams :P14:28
bart416I'm really considering to do it14:30
bart416On the other hand, I could take Photonics...14:30
azonenberg_worklol  dont you already have a degree in physics?14:30
azonenberg_workWhat are yo ustudying now - EE?14:30
bart416But engineering is attached to the applied sciences department :P14:30
bart416Physics in particular actually14:31
azonenberg_workI see - interesting14:31
bart416solid state quantum mechanics pretty much equals semiconductor theory14:32
bart416I sort of managed to skip all of those classes when I was doing physics heh14:33
bart416On the other hand, I did manage to take all the classes relating to nuclear and high energy physics lol14:34
bart416damned auto complete14:36
swkhansorry azonenberg_work you said something yesterday but my computer crashed16:37
swkhansomething about thermally grown SiO2?16:37
azonenberg_workswkhan: I was wondering if you had a furnace at your lab that could get up to the 700-1200C range17:28
swkhanwe do17:28
azonenberg_workAnd if so, whether you'd be able to do dry or wet oxidation of a wafer17:28
azonenberg_workif i mailed it to you17:28
swkhanwe do, but it's a quartz tube furnace, so it probably can't handle much bigger than 1 inch diameter wafers17:28
swkhanit can go up to 1100 C i think17:28
azonenberg_workswkhan: But you could so, say, quarters of a 2-inch wafer?17:29
swkhanin fact, i can really easily spin this17:29
swkhani've been wanting to see thermally grown SiO2 for a while17:29
swkhanand so has an intern in our lab17:29
swkhanand i'm not getting the results i want with zinc oxide, so i can definitely do this17:29
swkhani'd love to. the grad student that supervised me for the last year or so is gone to mexico so i'm effectively in charge =)17:30
azonenberg_workWell, I have a 4-inch <100> wafer now17:30
azonenberg_workI'll be buying a pair of 2-inch <110> very soon17:30
azonenberg_worki'll send you some subset of them17:30
azonenberg_workyou can scribe them into pieces small enough to fit17:31
azonenberg_workand grow several thicknesses of oxide on them17:31
azonenberg_workthen keep some and send me the rest17:31
azonenberg_worki'll drop you a ping when the other wafers arrive to ask where i should send them17:31
azonenberg_worksound like a plan?17:31
azonenberg_workIt'd most likely be half of a 4-inch and a full 2-inch, each in separate cassettes17:33
azonenberg_workKeep the two separate as the 4 is <100> and the 2 is <110>17:33
azonenberg_workdont want to mix them up :P17:33
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