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berndjcan one make multiple passes with one roll of wire, or do you use it only once?00:11
azonenbergwire saw? i think its a loop00:16
azonenbergruns on a belt between two pulleys00:16
azonenbergand you use it until it snaps00:16
azonenberg_workOn the topic of CZ growth... http://www.mtixtl.com/skj-50czcrystalgrowersystemwithvacuumchamber.aspx12:52
azonenberg_workNo, i canot afford it :p12:53
B0101I cannot afford that either12:55
B0101even if i could... i know that my home lab may not have enough space to put that thing12:56
B0101azonenberg_work: do you know anything about Quantum mechanics?12:58
lekernel"at a affordable price"? oh well...14:20
azonenberg_worklekernel: lol14:29
lekernelchecking out state auctions might be interesting for such equipment. I nearly bought a 300-ish MHz NMR last year for 200E.14:32
lekernelI would have needed liquid helium to get it to work, though. I wonder why they didn't use high temperature superconducting magnets; the field isn't _so_ high ...14:34
azonenberg_workYeah, i heard about that lol15:17
berndjlekernel, afaik they prefer "standard" superconductors because they have a higher and hence more useful critical B field17:32
berndjalso, running a high temp superconductor at said high temp doesn't leave any room for B field; so you cool it some below Tc so that it can be a *magnet*17:33
berndji think as far as superconductors are concerned, 1T is plenty high!17:34
bart416azonenberg_work, please note this:17:49
bart416SKJ-50CZ is a high quality CZ crystal growth furnace for material research laboratories at a affordable price.17:49
bart416Sale Price: USD$119,995.0017:49
bart416also, it's an affordable price17:52
bart416Demand a discount of 99.9999999% for spotting that error!17:52
mrdatawhat can you build a furnace for, these days?17:54
mrdatalet's start with 18th century fire brick17:54
bart416mrdata, that'll do horrible as a crystal growing furnace though17:55
mrdatahow hard is it to make copper wire from a billet?17:55
bart416You need a clean chamber17:55
mrdatabart416, what is needed to bring it up to spec?17:55
mrdataclean how?17:56
bart416High carbon steel alloys17:56
mrdatalet's say i have unlimited quantities of chalk17:56
bart416You need a metal alloy that won't disperse material into the furnace17:56
mrdatawhy not ceramic?17:56
bart416Holds its structural integrity17:56
bart416Does not contain a crystal seed of any sorts!17:56
bart416And by all means, no silicium in it, at all17:57
mrdataCaO has no Si in it... oh, unless it's random linestone maybe17:57
mrdatahow about a metallic coating on the chamber, then?17:58
bart416You don't get it, you need to use a metal alloy for this17:58
bart416CaO will thermally disband and create oxides17:59
mrdataso, the preferred material is high carbon steel?17:59
mrdatasay, chrome vanadium?18:00
bart416I'd have to look what the preferred material is18:04
bart416But high carbon steel has a high enough melting point I think18:05
bart416You wouldn't want to use titanium18:05
bart416Too dangerous18:05
azonenberg_workdangerous how18:07
mrdatayeah, why the prejudice against titanium?18:39
mrdatais it very reactive at high temperature?18:39
azonenberg_workWhat about tungsten? :P18:40
mrdatai like tungsten18:40
mrdatabut, it also oxidizes?18:40
mrdatahafnium tantalum carbide?18:41
mrdataif we're getting exotic18:41
mrdatait resists high temperatures, but maybe it needs a coating18:44
bart416titanium can catch fire at higher temperatures mrdata18:53
mrdatahow deep a coating will do?18:54
mrdataa few nm?18:54
mrdataand, coating with what?18:54
bart416Maybe Titanium Carbide would work18:56
bart416Metls at +3000°C18:57
mrdatai am interested to know about refractory materials to use at extremely high temperatures18:58
mrdata10,000 K and above18:58
bart416That's a highly specialised field mrdata18:59
mrdataanyone here know the composition of Starlite?18:59
mrdatawith a Starlite nosecone, you could launch objects from cannons at sea level and give them escape velocity19:00
mrdatathey might make good crucibles, too19:01
bart416Starlite's formula is unknown19:04
mrdatatime for someone to really lean on its inventor19:04
bart416They didn't even patent it I think19:06
bart416Out of fear of people replicating it from the patent data19:07
mrdatathe inventor put all this effort into making it, and for what? it hasnt been deployed19:10
mrdatahe's way too paranoid about it19:10
azonenberg_workwhat is it?19:11
azonenberg_worksome kind of ceramic?19:11
mrdatastarlite is a composite material that resists 12,000 degree temperature19:11
azonenberg_workand is it being used for anything now?19:11
mrdatayou can find videos of flame tests on youtube19:11
mrdataintended for deployment on rockets, but the market may not be ready for it19:12
azonenberg_workno, i mean is it actually being used commercially19:12
azonenberg_workand if not, why19:12
mrdatanot deployed, because the inventor is crazy paranoid19:12
azonenberg_workcoca-cola's formula is top secret19:12
azonenberg_workbut they still sell it19:12
mrdatawont sell it; wont let samples out of his sight19:13
azonenberg_workoh, so crazy paranoid19:13
azonenberg_workrather than pragmatically paranoid19:13
azonenberg_workSo nobody even knows if it works as well as he claims it does?19:13
mrdatait's been tested19:13
azonenberg_workBy reliable third-party labs?19:13
mrdatavideo of flame tests show it protecting an egg from being cooked19:14
azonenberg_workSo it's actually an insulator?19:14
azonenberg_workAs opposed to maintaining structural integrity while transmitting heat19:14
azonenberg_workfor example, tungsten (at lower temperatures)19:15
azonenberg_workwhich is a metal and thus thermally conductive19:15
azonenberg_workbut doesnt melt19:15
mrdatawe need both kinds of materials, sure19:16
mrdatai want a flexible, non-radar reflective insulator that can stand 3500 degree temperatures19:19
mrdata(for some mach-24 flight tests)19:19
bart416radar reflection depends more on shape than material in many ways19:27
mrdataok. the point is, it has to do mach 24 to mach 30, through upper atmosphere, from london to sydney19:31
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