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swkhanwhat has an i-v curve like this01:42
berndjwhere are you seeing that?01:53
swkhani deposited platinum on soda lime glass and what i think is zinc oxide on top of the platinum01:54
swkhani then probed the top of the zinc oxide and the platinum electrode below the zinc oxide and got that i-v curve01:54
swkhanbut the current is so miniscule...01:54
CIA-67homecmos r119 | trunk/lithography-tests/labnotes/azonenberg_labnotes.txt | Today's lab notes02:29
azonenbergJust finished some more extensive resolution testing work02:29
azonenberg20 micron process is getting extremely good yields now on small dies02:30
azonenbergBut 5um is still proving to be beyond my reach02:30
wolfspraulazonenberg: hey, this may be slightly off-topic or off-interest to you, but let me just paste the url in a good faith effort to connect similar minded people :-)02:36
azonenbergWill check it out02:36
wolfspraulGeoffrey Barrows published a nice 3-part series on chip fabrication02:36
azonenbergon a different note, http://i.imgur.com/a1NgR.jpg02:36
azonenberg20um line/space nominal dimension02:36
wolfspraulcomplements your amazing project, imho02:36
azonenbergyeah, looks nice02:38
wolfspraulhe's going through the tools, costs, considerations, etc.02:38
berndjazonenberg, those lines look nice and clean; are those 20µm lines?02:40
azonenbergNominally, at least02:40
azonenbergexact dimension may be off by a few %02:41
azonenbergi havent measured with my calibrated camera yet02:41
azonenbergthe point-and-shoot is used for in-process imaging as its easier to set up02:41
berndjbut also, i can see how 5µm is giving trouble02:41
azonenbergI plan to keep pushing just to try, but all of my short-term projects will use 2002:41
berndjdo those lines act as a diffraction grating?02:42
berndji mean, that you can see it02:42
azonenbergMy guess is, in the IR it probably would02:42
azonenbergbut in visible, not sure02:42
azonenbergI havent etched the underlying silicon yet either02:43
azonenbergThe goal was to use the copper pattern as a hardmask for KOH etch02:43
azonenbergand do 20um trenches02:43
azonenbergBut i have a lecture to give tomorrow for the crypto class i'm TAing for (prof is at a conference) and I need to spend some time going over the notes lol02:44
azonenbergIn any case, these results are very encouraging as far as the 20um process is concerned02:44
azonenbergI have a few bugs to iron out but the comb drive is looking quite feasible02:45
azonenbergimagine this pattern etched vertically into <110> Si02:46
azonenbergthrough the wafer02:46
azonenbergthen half connected to each side...02:46
azonenbergIt might require tiling a few exposures at the current FOV of my system but at 5 mins per exposure i can handle doing four or five02:46
bart416lol, I think I need to go and see a doctor :|10:52
bart416My resting heart rate is now officially under 50 bpm, lol10:52
bart416I've either been listening to too much bob marley, been doing too much sports or have a heart defect10:53
bart416azonenberg, 47 bpm while laying down11:02
bart416Nah, it's fairly normal for me I think11:12
bart416I often run for 1-2 hours a day...11:13
CIA-67homecmos r120 | wiki/Vendors.wiki | Edited wiki page 'Vendors' through web user interface.11:19
bart416azonenberg, any suggestion on how to protect the photoresist from binding to the metal ions?11:19
bart416Cause by all means I'll be attacking it chemically when I attack the acrylic11:20
azonenbergbart416: explain what you are trying to do again18:24
azonenbergI know the theory, but give me a process outline18:24
azonenbergwhat substances you apply to what parts of the sample in what order18:24
bart416I'm still trying to figure out the substances18:25
azonenbergIn other news i have a time slot reserved on the SEM next tuesday morning at 10 am my time18:25
azonenbergto do cross section and low-angle imaging of 20um features for measuring etch profiles18:26
bart416azonenberg, are you familiar with basic organic chemistry?18:26
azonenbergUm, no :p18:26
azonenbergnot even close18:26
azonenbergi know very little chem and even less ochem lol18:26
berndj47bpm? maybe you should become an astronaut18:26
bart416berndj, why is that?18:26
bart41647 bpm is either too low or athlete's heart from what I know18:27
berndjoh? i didn't know that counted as "too low"18:27
bart416Under 50 is considered dangerous generally18:27
bart416Mind you, there have been people who had 30 bpm while being perfectly healthy18:28
berndjis athlete's heart the name of some heart disease?18:28
bart416it's a condition18:28
bart416not so much a disease18:28
berndjbut if you run 1-2 hours every day i wouldn't be too surprised about a super low heart rate18:28
bart416But I also have an infection on my chest due to an accident last week heh18:32
bart416So it might be that I'm feeling somewhat weird due to that lol18:33
azonenbergi see18:34
azonenbergAnyway so I am hoping to have pics of <110> dies with etched features in them by this time next week :)18:35
bart416It doesn't look that bad on pictures weirdly enough :S http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/2915/imag0520p.jpg19:06
bart416And that's the most creepy picture I've ever uploaded I think19:06
azonenbergwhat is it?19:18
bart416the infected wound19:20
azonenbergfrom what i mean19:20
bart416Just suddenly had that wound19:28
bart416I do loads of things that can lead to this19:28
azonenberglol i see19:29
azonenbergIts just that usually when i get injured i have some idea of how it happened19:29
bart416I've worked in construction for a while during the summers to earn some extra money19:30
bart416You stop noticing injuries after a while19:30
azonenbergi see19:31
azonenbergi've done my share of manual labor and construction (plumbing, drywall, light framing of non-load-bearing walls) but nothing i'd call heavy construction19:31
bart416I've taken down buildings, industrial cleaning, etc...19:32
azonenbergi see19:32
bart416I think I know from what it is though19:39
bart416chemical burn19:39
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