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B0101Hi azonenberg01:22
B0101about the wafers...01:22
B0101they are prime wafers01:22
azonenbergFour inch prime grade for under USD 10? Polished on at least one side?01:23
azonenbergquantity one?01:23
B0101and polished01:23
azonenbergDefinitely put them on the wiki lol01:23
azonenbergthats the best price i've ever seen01:23
B0101the price is so cheap because the universities of Singapore are funding them01:23
azonenbergi paid around $35 for a 4-inch prime grade from MTI a few months ago01:23
azonenbergI see01:24
azonenbergSo do they only sell to educational customers?01:24
B0101any customer01:24
azonenbergeven outside singapore?01:24
azonenbergNot that international shipping would make it affordable01:24
azonenbergBut for anyone in the area it's an amazing price01:24
B0101I don't think that they ship outside SG, but I will check01:24
azonenbergDoesnt matter01:25
azonenbergPut it on the wiki anyway01:25
azonenbergif you havent already01:25
B0101they also have lab equipment01:26
azonenbergvery interesting01:26
B0101here is their site: http://www.latech.com.sg/01:27
B0101yes they ship to other countries as well...01:28
azonenbergBut i expect the cost of shipping is such that buying locally would be cheaper01:28
azonenbergAt least to the USA01:28
azonenbergfor nearby countries it may be feasible01:28
azonenberglike i said, definitely a valuable resource01:28
CIA-67homecmos r118 | wiki/Vendors.wiki | Edited wiki page Vendors through web user interface.01:30
azonenberglekernel: what package is the fpga on the milkymist?01:32
azonenbergi know it's a spartan-6 in some kind of bga, but what pin count?01:32
azonenberg(and what pitch)01:35
B0101Azonenberg: do you use Ge wafers?01:35
azonenbergB0101: I have not tried working with anything but Si yet01:35
azonenberglekernel: i was looking at getting an XC6SLX25 in 256FTBGA, i think i can handle routing the pins i need on 4 layers (I dont need all the IOs but they dont offer it in a QFP package)01:36
azonenbergdo you think its realistic to try toaster-oven soldering of one?01:36
azonenbergon a 4-layer board with soldermask01:36
azonenbergthe pitch of the 256FTBGA is 1mm01:37
azonenbergnice and big01:37
azonenbergi was thinking of getting a cheap one like http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=122-1542-ND first01:38
azonenbergto test the process on01:38
azonenbergbut it isnt pin compatible so i'd need to make a separate board to test on, which kinda nullfiies the savings01:39
B0101Alienware wants to work with me?! O_o02:06
Anarchoshi everybody19:33
Anarchoswhat is the purpose of homecmos ?19:46
berndjAnarchos: semiconductor fabbing with kitchen chemicals22:20
Anarchosberndj wow22:21
berndjmaybe not quite, but without requiring a billion dollar plant22:21
Anarchosi am just looking for standard cells library for Gnu Electric22:21
berndjdo you use electric a lot?22:21
berndjit sure has nice screenshots, but a) it had too many dependencies so i gave up building it, b) i hate anything java!22:22
Anarchosberndj i use electric as a hobby at work when i am bored with J2EE22:23
Anarchosanyway i just use the binaries22:23
berndjdo you make chips for a living?22:25
Anarchosberndj not at all22:30
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