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CIA-67homecmos r117 | wiki/Vendors.wiki | Edited wiki page Vendors through web user interface.11:34
B0101Azonenberg: I have updated the semiconductor supplies page. I have added a vendor but it probably ship to singapore only.11:35
B0101I will update when i get more data11:36
azonenbergWell... it's been a while but i think i will have time this weekend to get to a run i've wanted to do for a long time13:22
azonenbergnamely, testing the Cr etch process13:22
azonenbergIf all goes well i will be doing a first try of KOH etching through metal tonight13:24
azonenbergo_O http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?index=books&linkCode=qs&keywords=084933623613:27
azonenbergthat is not cheap13:27
azonenbergGonna see if my school's library has a copy i can borrow13:30
B0101Azonenberg: where do i get tantalum film?13:31
azonenbergB0101: Tantalumfilm != tantalum film13:31
azonenbergit's the trade name of a solution sold by Emulsitone13:31
azonenbergwhich actually forms a film of tantalum *oxide*13:32
azonenbergIt's 16% by weight tantalum chloride in ethanol13:32
azonenbergAnd i dont recommend anyone go out and buy it until i finish this run of experiments13:33
azonenbergit may well turn out that there's a much better and cheaper way of doing the same thing13:33
azonenbergi'm hoping that an evaporated Cu+Cr hardmask will prove suitable for at least shallow etches13:33
B0101Azonenberg: Is the change in the wiki OK?13:35
lekernelazonenberg, yeah welcome to the wonderful world of academic publishing ...13:35
azonenbergB0101: yeah, its fine13:35
azonenbergyou dont need to ask my approval for adding new sources lol13:35
azonenberglekernel: yeah, i've crossed paths with them before13:35
B0101Azonenberg: well, these wafers are pretty cheap - 10 SGD13:36
azonenbergI have no idea what that comes out to in USD, and for what size?13:36
azonenbergMTI sells to US customers, at least, for around $39 per 4-inch and $29 per 2-inch13:36
azonenberglast time i checked13:37
lekernelsomeone should pirate all such books (and I¬¬¬ papers) and put them on bittorrent :-)13:37
azonenbergI see no reason to ever get 4-inchers since i'm taking so many months to use up the 2s i have13:37
azonenberglekernel: Lol, the only reason i am not going through extreme lengths to get IEEE papers is that my school subscribes to them13:37
azonenbergwhen i leave, though, i expect that will change13:37
B0101Azonenberg: USD 8.21 at 4 inch (just called them)13:43
azonenbergB0101: o_O13:43
azonenbergin units of one?>13:43
azonenbergor with massive min orders13:43
B0101units of one13:43
azonenbergwow, i may have to check those guys out13:43
azonenbergthis is for test grade? prime?13:43
azonenbergnot that i really need prime for most of my work13:44
azonenbergbut i'd rather not be using coinroll13:44
azonenbergwell i gotta get going, prof needs me to proctor an exam at noon and i have some errands to run beforehand13:45
B0101ok, ttyl13:46
adc_all i want for christmas is a p3x ...18:10
lekernelI wonder how much this toy costs ...22:08
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