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azonenbergand i have colloidal silica slurry for the final polish01:09
azonenbergI can't machine <111> with KOH but i wanted to use it for testing as its mechanical properties are pretty similar01:10
azonenbergpolishing the whole wafer is gonna be tricky buy small pieces should be feasible01:10
B0101azonenberg: kind of both01:14
B0101polishing and growing of the wafer01:14
B0101i mean crystal01:14
azonenbergGrowing i'd say is unlikely to be feasible, polishing probably is01:14
azonenberggrowing may be doable in an inert atmosphere01:15
azonenberginduction furnace in an argon-purged glove box perhaps01:15
B0101oh my god, what do i do with spilled mercury?01:52
azonenbergB0101: um, that doesnt sound good lol01:56
azonenbergOn what?01:56
B0101on the floor...01:56
berndjsweep it up01:56
berndjseriously, i've had this scenario, called the poison info center01:57
berndjhow much?01:57
berndjwhatever you do, do NOT use a vacuum cleaner (gets heated and volatilized)01:57
berndjsoft broom and a pice of paper should do the trick if it isn't too badly dispersed01:57
berndjmetallic mercury: not the end of the world.  mercury compounds: run for cover01:58
azonenbergThe metal isnt so bad as long as its not vaporized01:59
azonenbergadd a methyl group and boom01:59
berndji've heard of people chucking a raw egg on it, but the poison info lady poo-pooed that suggestion01:59
berndjbut i'd do it anyway just in case after sweeping up all the visible droplets :)01:59
berndjtheory is to chelate the metal atoms with an easily-denatured protein02:00
berndjyeah, dimethyl mercury vs chlorine trifluoride - which one do you pick?02:00
azonenbergDepends on how close i am02:00
Action: B0101 is away: "mercury spill cleanup"02:00
azonenbergdmm is more likely to be persistent02:00
azonenbergClF3 as long as you are out of the immediate area isnt so bad02:01
azonenbergit'll react with everything in the area and disintegrate it, release lots of HF and heat in the process02:01
azonenbergbut it'll all dissipate pretty quickly02:01
berndjalso, even if you DO volatilize some mercury, at normal temperatures the saturation pressure is so low that you'd have trouble getting poisoned02:05
azonenbergBest to not ask for it02:05
berndjyou'd have to basically seal the whole house airtight in order to get the whole house saturated with mercury vapour, and then you'd ALSO have to stay there for an insanely long time02:05
azonenbergwhat you really want to avoid is flying metallic droplets getting inhaled02:05
azonenbergin which case they'd stay in your respiratory tract and gradually get absorbed over time02:05
berndjno, but as it's already happened, it's too late for that :)02:05
azonenbergi was talkign about vacuum cleaner exhaust02:06
azonenbergemulsified and suspended in the air02:06
berndjhmm, i didn't think of it in terms of emulsified02:06
berndjrather heated from passage over windings and evaporated02:06
azonenbergi was figuring it more as just broken up into droplets02:06
azonenberglike water from a sprayer02:06
Action: B0101 is back (gone 00:06:20)02:07
berndjdroplets in your lungs would for sure give you a higher dose02:07
berndjbut still, it'd help to know how much of a spill02:07
berndjjust a thermometer?  pfft, you'll incur greater mortality freaking out and slipping on something as you rush around02:08
azonenbergBut if its a 5-pound bottle?02:08
azonenbergBest to be a bit more cautious :p02:08
berndjbut you probably do want to open a window or two02:08
berndjlol, 5 pound bottle hey?  yes, emulsifying that could be a problem02:09
berndjbut evaporating?  no, not with even a little window open.  (equilibrium contentration vs air change rate calc.)02:09
B0101berndj: I spilled a little bit of mercury02:09
B0101ah but well...02:10
B0101most people (including myself), are afraid of it02:11
berndji don't mean to be gung ho, but sometimes with these things you can do more damage freaking out and trying to recover than just letting it sit02:11
berndjlike many poisons that say "do not induce vomiting" - trying to get it out ends up doing more damage02:11
berndjB0101, my policy re mercury since our own thermometer breakage is: respect mercury, but don't freak out about it02:12
Action: berndj has mercury-based tooth fillings02:12
B0101now just got to wait for the poison control team to arrive...02:14
B0101cannot just dispose it in the thrash...02:15
berndjdispose!  sacrilege!02:19
berndji'd put it in a jar :)02:19
berndji'm half expecting your poison control guys to arrive in hazmat suits...02:20
B0101dang, i now need to sleep in the living room02:31
B0101they tell me that i should not enter the room until after 24-48 hours02:32
B0101ah never mind02:34
B0101these stickers, when placed on a room door, will scare the hell out of your friends: http://www.anythingradioactive.com/labels.htm02:38
berndjlol. i wonder if there are laws against displaying warning labels like those when there is NO danger02:40
berndjB0101, i hope i don't sound like i'm mocking your concern (i don't intend to!) but please don't lose too much sleep over it.  they're inculcating a bit of paranoia in you partly to cover their ass02:41
berndjsure, don't lock yourself up in the room, but if you need something?  meh, just get it02:41
berndjfor comparison my mom's spill was in the kitchen (food! people! pets!)02:42
B0101berndj: well ok02:45
B0101now i just have to wait... for the bill to come02:46
berndjazonenberg, have you heard of opensourceecology?03:00
berndjamong 50 other things, they want to build an induction furnace03:00
berndjtheir ambition is far grander than just building any one device though03:01
berndjactually this is why i was asking you the other day about diy power devices :)03:01
berndjbecause without the sort of backyard tech capacity you're building, they're still a bit dependent on a very deep stack of industry03:02
B0101ooooh... man gets arrested for possessing radioactive materials...03:17
azonenberghigh activity without a license?03:19
azonenbergor just because the neighbors were paranoid03:19
B0101well, he was trying to split atoms in his kitchen03:19
azonenbergYeah, but what i mean is03:20
azonenbergare we talking uranium ore?03:20
azonenberghigh grade u235?03:20
azonenbergthere's a bit of a difference03:20
azonenbergvolume as well03:20
B0101the article does not mention of the type of uranium03:21
azonenbergdoes it even say uranium?03:21
azonenbergthorium and radium arent that hard to get hold of in small amounts03:21
azonenbergamericium too03:22
B0101the article says that the man had Americium, radium and uranium03:22
B0101his blog states that he uses natural uranium03:24
B0101sorry, i mean U-23803:25
azonenbergamericium = smoke detectors, generally relatively low activity but can be problematic if you have a lot03:25
azonenbergradium = probably old luminous paint03:25
azonenbergdefinitely dangerous if you have enough\03:25
B0101the question is: where did he get that stuff?03:26
azonenbergamericium can be found in smoke detectior ionization sensors03:26
azonenbergradium, find antiques with luminous dials03:26
B0101what about U-238???03:27
azonenbergi've heard of people finding vials of unused radium paint03:27
azonenbergand u238 is easy to find too03:27
azonenbergit apparently sells well considering they're out of it03:28
azonenbergpersonally i dont want anything radioactive in my lab lol03:28
azonenbergbut i browse the site periodically as i have other stuff from them03:28
azonenberglike glassware03:28
berndju238 should be dead easy to find if you live in iraq or any other US army-visited place03:30
berndji wonder how that guy building his backyard linacc is doing03:32
B0101now where do i get deuterium?03:34
berndjthat's quite hard i think03:40
berndjbuy or make?03:41
lekernellol http://unitednuclear.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=6709:45
B0101hmmm, i would want some uranium... but they sell out very quickly...09:54
azonenberglekernel: http://unitednuclear.com/images/mainpics/nerd.gif10:21
azonenbergbest online add i've ever seen10:21
Helldeskwhere does the second d for advertisement come from?15:12
nathan7Second d?15:18
Helldesk"ad" only has one, he said "add"19:31
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