#homecmos IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-08-24

azonenbergWow, channel is getting full - 21 people?23:16
azonenbergToo bad i havent had much progress to report these last few days23:16
azonenbergall of these silly orientation activities to go to23:16
bart416Wow SpeedEvil is an asshole :|23:16
azonenbergbart416: also, http://i.imgur.com/Nb684.jpg23:17
azonenbergmy latest creation23:17
azonenbergbeen keeping me away from fab work though :(23:17
azonenbergits my first FPGA based design23:18
bart416First FPGA is always the hardest one eh23:18
azonenbergdont congratulate me yet lol23:18
azonenbergi dont know if it works :P23:18
bart416also nice smiley23:19
azonenbergWhen plugged in, it doesnt smoke23:19
bart416Well, that's something :P23:19
azonenbergand, after fixing the missing trace at botto mleft, the FPGA + flash show up in a boundary scan correctly23:19
azonenbergBut all of the buffer logic, though simple, is untested so far23:19
bart416You forgot a trace?23:19
bart416Bad bad azonenberg!!!23:19
azonenbergits a rev 1 board23:20
bart416No excuses!23:20
bart416Also my low orbit ion cannon to kill assholes on irc project is keeping me away from working on my arm processor :(23:20
bart416So what's up for rev2?23:22
azonenbergrev3 actually, and two fixed traces23:23
azonenbergbut i dont plan to make more than one of these23:23
azonenbergi have three PCBs23:23
azonenberg(min order)23:23
azonenbergparts to populate two of them23:23
azonenbergand the research group only needed one23:23
reportingsjrazonenberg: what's the cost?23:36
azonenbergreportingsjr: i have to actually add it up lol23:36
azonenbergbought some other components on the smae order23:37
azonenbergand used some from my existing inventory23:37
reportingsjrhow did you solder it all?23:37
reportingsjrdrag soldering, reflow?23:37
azonenbergMostly drag but i reflowed a few of the ICs23:38
azonenbergSo some time soon (tonight maybe not, tomorrow and friday hopefully) i'll be doing some serious tests of CuCr for masking Ta2O523:50
Action: azonenberg wants to get back to work 23:50
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