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--- Tue Aug 23 201100:00
Helldeskwhat kind of vacuum pumps do you guys have or use? do you have cryo pumps or do you just avoid processes that require a high vacuum?01:15
azonenbergHelldesk: I do not have a vacuum pump yet02:12
azonenbergbeen using an evaporator on campus for metal deposition (mechanical + diffusion with a cryotrap)02:13
azonenbergI want to build a similar rig of my own02:13
azonenbergtime frmae 6 mo - 1 yr02:13
Helldeskyeah, that's what I've seen in use too - and a cryotrap is expensive02:50
lekernel_isn't a cryotrap just some liquid nitrogen (10 cts a liter) cooled device with zeolite in it (costing 40E for a typical load)?15:01
azonenberglekernel: Yes19:55
azonenbergThe main expensive part is the diffusion pump19:56
azonenbergBut that's still cheaper than a turbo by far19:56
Helldeskwhat does the zeolite do?22:06
--- Wed Aug 24 201100:00

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