#homecmos IRC log for Thursday, 2011-08-18

reportingsjrazonenberg: are you still working on your vhdl cpu?21:33
reportingsjror is that kaput21:33
lekernelreportingsjr, check out www.milkymist.org. we are taking care of *HDL CPUs so azonenberg can focus on doing great stuff with chemistry and DIY semiconductor manufacturing ;-)21:35
reportingsjrwill do21:37
reportingsjrohhh yeah, I saw that website a while ago21:37
reportingsjrand I just saw it mentioned somewhere else a few days ago21:38
reportingsjron the adafruit forums for x0xb0x21:38
bart416So we need to design a CPU so azonenberg can do other stuff?21:44
bart416Can do21:44
bart416Have another set of boring VHDL classes and labs anyway next semester21:44
lekernelwell, azonenberg's process is still far from making CPUs21:48
lekerneland it'll probably start by making things like 4004 or 6502 chips before synthesized VHDL21:48
reportingsjrbart416: I had my first verilog/fpga class last quarter. Was digital logic first half was with 74 series stuff and second half was fpga stuff.21:50
reportingsjrI almost prefer the 74 series stuff. We weren't really taught how to use the provided program and it was terrible for beginners21:52
bart416lekernel, please note the "another" :P21:54
bart416The reason we're forced to take it is cause we have microcontroller design as well at the same time21:54
reportingsjrbart416: are you CE?22:14
bart416well, studying for EE22:14
bart416The only degree I hold at this point is bachelor in physics22:14
azonenbergreportingsjr: its verilog22:37
azonenberg(my cpu)22:37
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