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azonenbergMy 21st birthday facebook pic ;) https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/292037_2309167690240_1280772249_2764502_5609467_n.jpg02:09
azonenbergYes, it's me and a bottle of ethanol02:09
azonenbergNo, it's not what you think02:09
kristianpaulazonenberg: that they you tought, i will make that awesome Homebrew CMOS for 2011 ;-)02:20
azonenbergLike the pic? I wanted to do something involving me and ethanol02:23
azonenbergwhile also poking fun at the people who get hammered at a bar on their 21st02:23
azonenbergusing it for cleaning wafers was the best option i could come up with02:23
kristianpaulnice pic yes02:24
azonenbergidk if you guys have seen my lab lately actualy... have to take some more photos02:24
azonenbergit's been upgraded quite a bit, several new pieces of gear have arrived recently02:24
kristianpaulnew scope?02:30
kristianpaulbtw you'were digging CPLDs right? or whas that a plan?02:31
azonenbergkristianpaul: oscilloscope, plus upgrades to the probing station02:32
azonenbergand other stuff02:32
azonenbergand i'm doing CPLD and FPGA work now, yes02:32
azonenbergFab work is going to resume early next week with a Cu evaporation run over Cr02:32
kristianpaulhe, yes sorry my no native language typos..02:32
azonenbergon both sides of a <110> double-side-polished wafer coated in tantalum oxide02:32
kristianpauloh, FPGA too, wich vendor?02:32
azonenbergfor both02:33
kristianpaulbtw i definetelly think i will not bought that USRP a microscope seens better invesment02:34
kristianpauland all this stuff is yours or just during PHd?02:34
kristianpauli mean fore a example a "poor" guy that later to reproduce your work, will need... 1. 400X metallurgical microscope, 2... 3..02:36
kristianpauli know is not complete the list yet. just wonder how mcuh will cost you current lab setup :-)02:36
kristianpaulah nv, i found my answer http://intruded.net:8080/siliconpr0n/doku.php?id=equipment:start02:40
azonenbergi know the guy who runs that site02:41
azonenbergwe were roommates last year02:42
azonenberg(not all of intruded, just siliconpr0n)02:42
kristianpaulso you thin is worth to have a microscope at first?02:46
kristianpaulthat 400x metallurgical02:46
reportingsjrazonenberg: did you etch nyan cat? hahahahaha02:47
azonenbergreportingsjr: A long time ago02:48
azonenbergkristianpaul: for fab or RE?02:48
reportingsjrazonenberg: just reading latest lab notes now02:48
azonenbergFor fab it's critical02:48
reportingsjrazonenberg: do you have pics?02:48
azonenbergi use it for all of my lithography as well as die inspection after processing02:48
azonenbergreportingsjr: yes, sec02:48
kristianpaulreportingsjr: next will be animated MEMS version of nyan cat ;-D02:49
reportingsjrkristianpaul: :P02:49
reportingsjrthat's hilarious02:49
azonenbergreportingsjr: nyanotechnology02:49
reportingsjrwhat size?02:49
kristianpaulazonenberg: btw this last pic very clean02:50
azonenbergProbably a ~2mm overall02:50
azonenbergwith 20um comb drives to move the feet02:50
azonenbergand different thicknesses of SiO2 for the rainbow02:50
azonenbergkristianpaul: ty02:50
azonenbergThis is 200nm evaporated copper over Si patterend by wet etch in dilute HCl : H2O202:50
azonenbergStill having adhesion problems02:51
azonenberggoing to try putting 5nm or so of Cr under the Cu next run02:51
azonenbergprobably next week02:51
kristianpaulyou have a  micromanipulator right? wih one if?02:55
azonenbergmicromanipulator brand probing station (forget exact model) with a B&L stereozoom microscope (plus some additional upgrades for eyepieces etc to boost magnification)02:58
azonenbergand three micropositioners02:58
azonenbergtwo of one type and one of the other02:58
azonenberg110 and 210 are left and right handed02:59
azonenbergi forget which is which02:59
azonenbergthey're otherwise identical02:59
azonenbergand good down to ~5um targets (bottom-of-the-line units i got cheap)02:59
azonenberg5um is still good enough to hit anything my process can make though :)02:59
reportingsjrazonenberg: how long until you get a working comb drive ya think?03:01
azonenbergreportingsjr: Hoping for soon03:20
azonenberg1-2 motnhs i hope to have 2.5D (separate top and bottom etches meeting in the middle of the wafer) patterning working03:20
azonenbergthen i have to figure out how to insulate the metal from shorting against the body03:21
azonenbergand adjust the geometry to get something that works03:21
azonenbergend of year is a relatively realistic estimate03:21
azonenbergoptimistically, oct-nov03:21
bart416lol, this guy is worried about settings on a dental xray :|20:42
bart416azonenberg, ever had the joy of seeing the control system of a full body xray scanner?20:45
azonenberglol i would imagine its long20:45
azonenbergand complex20:45
azonenbergat least if the controls for a SEM are any hint20:45
bart416the easy settings are acceleration and exposure time20:46
bart416Then the fun settings come in20:46
bart416radiation distribution, positioning, bursts, ...20:46
bart416And if you really want you can even enter a curve20:47
bart416and path20:48
Action: XgF wonders how much you would have to mess them up before it would kill somebody20:48
bart416Software calculates dose20:49
azonenbergOr just 1E4 increase the risk of cancer20:49
bart416It's impossible to exceed a set limit20:49
XgFGood, so it's complex but has builtin safety :p20:49
azonenbergAcute radiation poisioning requires huge doeses20:49
XgFHasn't stopped it from happening...20:49
azonenbergMy point is, a slight malfunction is far more likely to result in you getting cancer in 10 years20:50
bart416You can't even approach the dose of a CT scanner on a regular xray machine20:50
bart416+ there is also a hardware safety20:50
bart416a hard limiting circuit you can't bypass without pretty much disassembling the entire machine20:51
bart416at least in most there is20:51
Action: XgF suspects that the branch of physics he's interested in is more likely to have an effect on his health :p20:52
bart416XgF, please tell me you're not into nuclear physics?20:52
XgF...and even then a trivial effect20:52
XgFBingo :p20:52
bart416I had to quit that...20:52
XgFAround the time I get my degree, ITER will be coming online... which would probably be good timing for any postgrad research20:53
bart416ITER would be fairly safe...20:53
bart416Where do you live XgF ?20:55
bart416Might be hard to get into ITER considering how much frenchies are about :(20:55
bart416Medical imaging is safer...20:57
bart416You can sit in your nice leaded glass cage20:58
XgFMedical imaging involves Biology... I hate biology21:06
bart416It's fun21:08
bart416At least, the technical part is21:09
XgFGenerally, I find that as you strart with Maths and move upwards through the sciences, I end up liking them less and less as they become less derivable21:10
bart416I'll agree on that if you're talking about MRIs21:13
XgFBut hell... I have no clue where I'll be in 3 years. For all I know I could decide to take advantage of the skills I've gained from my side job and become a freelance lighting engineer...21:14
bart416I just take every opertunity I get21:15
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