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CIA-67homecmos r111 | trunk/lithography-tests/labnotes/azonenberg_labnotes.txt | Today's lab notes07:46
bart416Tomorrow I should know if I can proceed to the next round for that schollarship or not08:31
bart416Bah, stupid stress08:31
bart416Hence why I'm going to go and do some more demolition work this afternoon08:31
bart416+ I get paid for it08:32
bart41615 euro / hour08:32
azonenberglol have fun08:32
azonenbergDo you get to use C4?08:33
azonenbergOr just a crowbar and sledgehammer08:33
bart416Only worry is that it's an old building that might have asbestos in it08:33
azonenbergOh joy08:33
bart416Breaking hammer08:33
bart416You know, the sort that makes your arms hurt like hell after 5 minutes :P08:33
bart416Try using one for a few hours08:33
azonenbergBeen there done that08:35
azonenbergExcept it was more than just a hammer08:35
azonenbergsmall hammer, 4-foot crowbar08:35
azonenbergbig hammer08:35
bart416crowbars aren't that bad08:35
bart416The issue with these machines is that they weigh 10kg on their own eh :(08:35
azonenbergWe arent talking one of those dinky little ones the size of your arm08:35
azonenbergThis is one that's chest high08:35
azonenbergAnd comes in pairs08:36
azonenbergAnd was used to move a cast iron bathtub08:36
bart416and then you have to get up on a ladder08:36
azonenbergWith the added caveat that it had to be taken alive08:36
bart416and attack the wall08:36
bart416so it doesn't fall over08:36
bart416but comes down slowly08:36
azonenbergonce the remodeling was done, the tub was to be reinstalled lol08:36
bart416azonenberg, Bart 1 - Wall 018:39
quaoarhang on, are you the guy whose dad built a wall that might've withstood a tank shell?19:24
quaoarwhoah, i'm a KBO!19:25
bart416my dad didn't build that wall19:25
bart416we only demolished it19:25
bart416But wasn't at home19:25
bart416But was a fairly big wall19:26
bart416and was on my own to do it19:26
bart416but was normal wall thiss time19:26
bart416(2 rows of bricks + normal spacing)19:26
berndjoh, not another more rebar than concrete type thing19:26
berndjeasy peasy then!19:26
bart416lol yeah19:27
bart416If it's a normal wall you crack out the hilti breaking hammer and just go at it19:27
berndjin the medium term i'm going to have to build one.  and lower my front boundary wall.  maybe recycle those bricks for the new wall19:27
CIA-67homecmos r112 | trunk/lithography-tests/labnotes/azonenberg_labnotes.txt | Fixed typo in yesterday's lab notes20:14
azonenbergWell... work for the near future is going to be slow, i'm now stuck waiting until i can get time on the evaporator20:14
azonenbergnot much more can be done until i have <110> samples to work with20:15
azonenberghopefully next week20:15
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