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azonenbergSo... looks like the evaporator on campus has two independent filament assemblies05:36
azonenbergI'm gonna have to set up something like that on mine when i build it05:36
azonenbergIt allows you to do two independent depositions without breaking vacuum05:36
azonenbergfor example, a thin Cr adhesion layer with thick Cu over it05:36
nathan7azonenberg: coo'10:11
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bart416btw azonenberg I found a good source of fairly pure copper that I didn't think about earlier18:09
azonenbergI'd just use wire though18:12
azonenbergunless you can think of a good reason not to?18:12
bart416well yeah, the one you'll find in regular wire is less pure I think18:12
bart416For motors its in their own interest to go as pure as possible, better conductors lead to better motors18:13
azonenbergBut you'd need to get rid of all the grease and varnish18:13
azonenbergand i'm not sure if that would result in any better quality by the time that's done18:13
bart416I'd be more worried about the glue used to keep everything together18:13
bart416Going to try to dissolve it in acetone tomorrow18:13
bart416lol @ ##electronics20:04
bart416Really, every single engineer can be diagnosed with DID20:04
bart416Problem solving is looking at a problem from different perspectives20:04
bart416Often with very specific individual mindsets that always return20:05
azonenbergI have never met a sane engineer yet20:41
azonenbergOr even a sane engineering student20:41
azonenbergThe question is just whether their craziness is sufficient to impede their functioning as a member of society20:42
bart416But I don't know about you, but if I have to solve a problem I take distance from reality20:53
bart416Look at the situation20:53
bart416analyse it step by step20:54
bart416Argue with myself20:54
bart416And only after a minute or two of that and often talking to myself in the process I regain awareness of what's happening around me20:54
bart416Don't really know how I developed it like that but it's just faster than thinking about it in a normal fashion20:57
bart416And allows for more creative ideas20:57
bart416+ also seems to pull my subconcious feeling for math onto the mainstage20:58
azonenbergYeah, i talk to myself on a routine basis while debugging21:05
bart416It's just you need somebody or something to reflect ideas against21:06
bart416And if nobody is arround you do that on yourself21:06
azonenbergYep lol21:11
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