#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2011-07-29

nathan7azonenberg: o.o10:05
nathan7azonenberg: pics10:05
azonenberg_worknathan7: I paste it a while ago, h/o16:04
nathan7azonenberg_work: to where?16:05
nathan7I mean, where'd you upload it16:05
nathan7so I know what to grep my logs for16:05
azonenberg_workimgur probably, but it might also be on my server16:05
azonenberg_workI give you... nyanotech :P16:07
nathan7azonenberg_work: how many nm is that?16:11
nathan7(nyanometers, of course)16:11
azonenberg_workThe thickness of the copper layer is 200nm16:11
azonenberg_workx/y scale is around 600,000 x 200,00016:12
azonenberg_workiow 600 x 200 microns16:12
azonenberg_workI only thought of the pun after making it lol16:12
azonenberg_workThe companion cube was getting old and i wanted another meme as a test pattern16:12
azonenberg_workMy fab has proven unsuccessful at making working MEMS to date but it can make MEMES fine :P16:12
R0b0t1I can haz microcosm?17:00
--- Sat Jul 30 201100:00

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