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kristianpaulazonenberg: btw glade is non free sofyware, had you tried http://www.toped.org.uk ?11:26
kristianpaulazonenberg: may be you can export cat design in glade to a more generic format, so i can replace the glade screenshot for the news11:28
kristianpaulor may be even export to a format toped can work with11:30
kristianpauli understand is not priority to you in your tests, but is good to know there are floss-likes alterntives as well11:34
wolfspraulkristianpaul: I think glade and toped both deal with standardized file formats11:34
wolfspraulgds, lef, def11:34
kristianpaulgood :-)11:34
wolfspraulmagic maybe too, don't know11:34
wolfspraulI know too little about those tools :-)11:35
kristianpaulazonenberg_work: if you can export the cat from to glade to a EDA format i can try toped later and let you know results11:39
kristianpaulokay i'm late now, read you soon !11:40
lekernelkristianpaul, do we really need to care about such details?12:21
lekernel"promotion of non-free software" ... phew12:22
lekernelhow irrelevant12:22
wolfspraulah yes, I care. I cannot leave a glade screenshot in the qi wiki (kristianpaul wrote a news item there).12:34
wolfspraulthat's all. everybody can use whatever they want, but I need to keep the Qi wiki maintainable...12:35
azonenbergkristianpaul: I can send you a GDS14:39
azonenbergi use glade purely because i've had trouble getting other tools to work14:39
azonenbergThat's partly the reason i havent bothered to switch yet, as long as i can export to a standard format its trivial to migrate to a free tool if i find one that i like14:45
azonenbergAnd if you care that much, do you have any screenshots of xilinx dev tools on milkymist? :P14:47
wolfspraulazonenberg: don't blame kristianpaul :-) He wrote a news entry on the Qi wiki, not milkymist (qi-hardware.com)15:29
wolfsprauland no, no screenshots of xilinx dev tools there, of course. if you find any I'll delete them :-)15:29
wolfspraulit's not so much about one screenshot, but since I'm maintaining the Qi wiki I need to keep my workload low, that means - no exceptions that potentially cause me work in the future...15:30
wolfspraulazonenberg: Chitlesh (from Fedora Electronic Lab) mentioned toped to me once, kristianpaul also mentioned it above15:31
azonenbergI'll check it out15:31
wolfspraulso maybe I can open the .gds file you posted in toped and take a screenshot there. would be cool together with your microscope pictures...15:32
wolfspraulplease feel free to use whatever tool you like, I totally didn't want to annoy anyone15:32
wolfspraulI'll try it too [toped] - tomorrow...15:33
wolfspraulthanks for posting the .gds link!15:33
azonenbergnp, if you want gds's for any other stuff i've posted i have them floating around too15:33
azonenbergor can generate them in a second or so from the glade file15:33
wolfspraulif it's valuable, just commit into your google code repo15:34
azonenbergThey're generated files is the thing, not the authoritative versions15:34
azonenbergAs of now the glade file in the repo is the master15:34
wolfspraulah great then15:34
azonenbergif/when i change tools i'll delete the glade versions and start committing that tool's native format15:35
azonenbergif it happens to be gds fine, but i think its more useful for interchange than forr editing as it lacks some metadata that can be useful during design15:35
kristianpaulazonenberg: sure sure i understand, no problem, yes please send to mail :)18:03
kristianpaulah,i miss the link above :)18:08
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