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azonenbergSo I think I have a pretty good idea of what's been causing my fab problems17:43
Action: kristianpaul listen17:43
azonenbergThe layer thickness in lift-off when the deposited layer is spin coated17:43
azonenbergis somewhat dependent on photoresist thickness17:43
azonenbergiow in small features like the 20um squares i was testing on, the hardmask pools in the holes and doesnt thin by too much when spun17:44
azonenbergThis results in a several hundred nm to nearly a micron thick hardmask which cracks during the hard bake17:44
azonenbergNow that i've figured out a cleaning process that removes silicon particles left from scribing, i can get away with a far thinner layer17:46
azonenbergSo i'm going to dilute the photoresist with acetone and try making it thinner17:46
azonenbergThen spin coat (diluted) hardmask over it17:46
azonenbergFollowed by lift-off in acetone17:47
azonenbergThe end result should be a much thinner tantalum chloride layer which wont crack during baking17:48
kristianpaulare you afraid something else may crack during bake?17:49
kristianpaulah, okay more thinner less posible brake :-)17:49
azonenbergThere is nothing else to crack lol17:49
azonenbergJust silicon, which doesnt mind heat17:49
kristianpaulhehe, sorry just reading here when have time, but very interesting fnidings :)17:50
azonenbergI feel like i'm getting close17:50
azonenbergI'm knocking off one yield problem after another17:50
azonenbergOh, thinner photoresist will also expose and develop faster17:50
azonenbergas there's less PR to react with17:50
bart416azonenberg, would you do it; unpaid internship; agilent22:59
azonenbergbart416: As me (PhD student with full funding) or as you (whatever your situation is)?23:00
azonenbergWhats your situation now? Lol23:00
bart416In 2 years I'll have a masters degree in EE23:00
azonenbergI could see it being interesting but i suspect you might be able to find a paid position23:00
bart416Yeah, that's the thing23:00
azonenbergCheck TI and all of the other big companies23:00
bart416TI doesn't really have things in Europe23:01
azonenbergi have a friend doing paid summer work at TI this summer23:01
azonenbergAnd ok, europe23:01
bart416I'm also looking into Alcatel-Lucent23:01
azonenbergNot sure what the big companies there are - NXP, renesas?23:01
bart416(Bell Labs)23:01
bart416Philips used to do LCD TV R&D not too far from here but they closed it down last year23:02
bart416Going to ask my professors about maybe something at IMEC23:02
bart416But yeah, the thing is; eventually on your curriculum; some unknown company vs. agilent23:03
bart416It's worth considering23:03
azonenbergI just suggest you look around and try finding another big company that offers paid work23:03
bart416Might not matter much as I'm looking into a scholarship abroad that would require me to start over but yeah23:04
bart416But I'll know more about that at the end of the month23:04
bart416But yeah, I'm going to try to contact somebody at Alcatel, you never know23:06
bart416Bell Labs isn't exactly a small player either eh :P23:06
bart416Mhhh, NXP seems to have an office in Leuven23:18
bart416But that's rather far :(23:18
bart416If I get up at 5:30 I'd be in Leuven by maybe 8:1523:18
bart416I'll look into it23:19
bart416Mhhh, they're looking for a lot of people at NXP actually in Belgium23:21
bart416But none in the field that interests me the most :(23:21
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